Sleepless Society: Insomnia

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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 7.4  (84)

Haunted by recurring visions, a young woman with insomnia visits an old home to solve a mystery and put her nightmares to an end.

Sleepless Society: Insomnia
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Episode 13
13. Episode 13
March 9, 2020
Aiya and Win make sure Witsanu pays for all the crimes he has done. Feeling guilty, Faye's mom writes a letter to confess the truth about Aiya's mom.
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
March 9, 2020
Witsanu finally reveals the truth and admits the attempt to mess up Aiya's memory about that fateful night. Sua and Mo uncover a shocking secret.
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
March 9, 2020
Aiya is sent to a hospital after a bad accident. Desperate Witsanu tries to buy more time and promises Aiya that he will tell her everything.
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
March 9, 2020
Aiya's life is hanging by a thread while none of her friends can find her. Tatiya is accused of a crime and Sua receives a shocking information.
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
March 9, 2020
Tragedy strikes. Aiya decides to leave the island after her quest for truth takes a turn for worse. Win and Faye grow suspicious of their parents.
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
March 9, 2020
A shocking secret is revealed. Aiya can't be sure of her friends or foes anymore. Win, Mo and Aiya go to the library to find the answer to that riddle.
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
March 9, 2020
Aiya finds obstacles at every turn. People involved in the original case try to discourage Aiya while her friends start to question her memory.
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
March 9, 2020
The monk finally shares his stories but it may not be the whole truth. Aiya's friends who wanted to help initially try to distract her from the case.
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
March 9, 2020
Aiya begs Sakka to tell stories about her mom but his wife intervenes. Suspicion grows while Aiya starts to remember something about the monk.
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
March 9, 2020
Aiya and Faye reconcile over a heartfelt conversation. Win finds an old diary link to Aiya's mom while Faye also finds more clues about a riddle.
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
March 9, 2020
Aiya unknowingly walks into a murder scene that she mistakes to be a nightmare. When it's proved to be real, her friends agree to help find the truth.
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
November 13, 2019
Aiya is warned not to go back but she is determined to dig up the past. She arrives at the island to meet with old friends who are unhappy to see her.
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
November 6, 2019
Aiya suffers a severe insomnia condition and dream-reality confusion due to a tragic past. To end this, she has to go back to where it all starts.

Haunted by recurring visions, a young woman with insomnia visits an old home to solve a mystery and put her nightmares to an end. Sleepless Society: Insomnia is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on November 6, 2019.

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Sleepless Society: Insomnia is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sleepless Society: Insomnia on demand at Netflix.

  • Premiere Date
    November 6, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (84)