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Set during World War II. Arina and Zoya are two young secret agents who go behind the enemy lines in Riga, Crimea, Poland, and Germany. The collaborate with adversaries and combat their enemies from within. They are fearless, smart, strong and always escape the clear and present danger during wartime. Russian language series with English subtitles.

Spies is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on September 29, 2013.

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1 Season, 18 Episodes
September 29, 2013
Cast: David Tennant, Janet Montgomery, Marcin Dorocinski, Miroslaw Zbrojewicz
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Spies Full Episode Guide

  • The commander needs help! However, will the spies be able to save her in time?

  • The Commander has sent the spies on a rescue mission! However they've been sent to an haunted mansion, where ghosts roam the halls every night!

  • Will the Spies be able to find out who the killer is, before it's too late?!

  • The Spies are back at school. However there's some rumours going around; does Ash really have, seven evil exes?!

  • The Spies are in France! However there's trouble afoot; will Tycer and his friends be able to save the day?

  • Arina offers a deal to the Soviet commanders. Moscow accepts the offer, but decides to arrest the spy. To complete the mission they send Zoya and Petrov who are against the orders to terminate Arina and act on their own.

  • Chad and Tycer are having a sleepover! But something spooky is lurking within the shadows!

  • Arina falls into the hands of the Poles. Because of an assassination attempt, her identity is revealed. However, Arina cleverly manipulates Zbignev manages to disrupt the unification of the Polish against the Soviets. Arina is no longer in danger.

  • The year is 1944. Arina is no longer the political idealist she was during the start of the war. While Zoya grows to appreciate everything that the Soviet government has done for her. Arina asks for a new assignment. She wants to fight and no longer work in intelligence. The Soviet troops begin their approach to Poland.

  • The girls have to flirt with the German staff officers in order to extract information, but deeper relationships develop. For the fulfillment of the task, Arina has to marry Rickert, and circumstances become complicated. Voron threatens the spies and demands money.

  • After some highschool drama, a girl called Faye captures Chad's eye; meanwhile the commander sets the group off on more training. With Ash hoping to educate Tycer to be a better spy!

  • Arina and Zoe stay in Kiev under the disguise of nuns. Their mission is to find a downed Soviet plane near the city. A military engineer was carrying classified documents about the trials of Katyusha on it. The spies must find the plane and destroy the documents, before they fall into the hands of the Germans.

  • The girls are forced to put aside their animosity in order to fulfill the mission, despite the danger. Zoya hopes Arina will forgive her and become rebuild their relationship as friends. But Arina makes it clear: Zoya will always be her enemy.

  • Tycers teacher is up to something! So the spies have been sent on a mission, to see what he's hiding in his secret life!

  • The girls arrange a transfer from prison into the intelligence agency. Arina gladly accepts the offer. Zoya does as well, but only to avoid punishment. The girls begin to study with the other secret agents in training. Arina excels in all subjects, except for physical training, while Zoe has no problems. Arina despises Zoya during training and attempts to frame her. Zoya manages to elude.

  • Arina dreams of dedicating her life to the Motherland. Zoya wants to escape from the cruel felon Voron. Zoe accidentally becomes an accomplice to the gruesome robbery of Arina's family. Both girls end up in prison.