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  • 1999
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Spy Web analyzes the changing and growing role of intelligence operations in the 20th century.

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26. Gru
February 3, 2005
The Glavnoe Razvedyvatelnoe Upravlenie served as the Soviet Union's chief military intelligence group, producing a network of spies that operated worldwide and still employs 100,000.
25. The KGB
July 5, 2004
Learn about the history and reach of the Komitet Gosudarstvennoe Bezopasnosti (Committee for State Security), the agency of the former Soviet Union responsible for state security from 1954 to 1991.
The Code Breakers
24. The Code Breakers
June 7, 2004
From the Zimmerman Telegram in 1917 through to recent breaking of Russian codes, many battles were won or lost because one side could read its opponent's intercepted messages.
Atom Spies
23. Atom Spies
July 13, 2000
In WWII, the U.S. stayed ahead of the Soviet Union in the race for atomic bombs, but the Soviets' genius for espionage allowed them to acquire atomic secrets of their own.
Bletchley Park
22. Bletchley Park
July 12, 2001
Bletchley Park, an unassuming Victorian mansion 50 miles north of London, became the most potent deciphering center of WWII when its staff of code breakers cracked the Nazis' encrypting machine.
Early Russian Intelligence
21. Early Russian Intelligence
July 5, 2001
Lenin's feared secret police, the Russian Bolshevik Cheka knew no bounds and was run by the dreaded Feliks Dzershinsky, who founded the Gulag Archipelago.
Spy Ships and Submarines
20. Spy Ships and Submarines
April 26, 2001
Take a look at the role played by intelligence-collection ships in all the major conflicts in the 20th century, from equipment transport to participation in international disputes.
19. Mi-5
June 8, 2000
Britain's counter-espionage service proved highly effective during both World Wars but later faced criticism for failing to expose the Cambridge spies.
The Cambridge Spies
18. The Cambridge Spies
December 9, 2000
One of the former Soviet Union's greatest espionage operations ended in 1951 when two English diplomats at the British Foreign Office were revealed to have spent a decade funneling secrets to the KGB.
French Intelligence
17. French Intelligence
April 5, 2001
The French had a sophisticated intelligence network, which was active during WWI, confronted the Bolsheviks during the inter-war years, and has continued from World War II to today.
16. Mi6
January 25, 2001
Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, and employer of the fictional James Bond, grew out of the need to combat Imperial German.
15. Mossad
July 20, 2000
Born in the crucible of Israel's war of independence and honed in the struggle for survival against hostile neighbors, the intelligence service gained a reputation for ruthlessness.
Great Spies of the 20th Century
14. Great Spies of the 20th Century
December 25, 2000
Mata Hari, Sidney Reilly, Lawrence of Arabia, Cicero, Lonsdale, the Lucy Spy Ring: are just a few of the most daring and outrageous individual spy cases to have been publicized in the 20th century.
Spying And Espionage In Vietnam
13. Spying And Espionage In Vietnam
December 16, 2000
This fascinating history of the secret war conducted by the CIA and U.S. Army Intelligence during the Vietnam War is filled with exciting stories.
12. Soe
December 2, 2000
Britain's secret wartime Special Operation Executive was responsible for recruiting and training hundreds of secret agents, who were systematically dropped into Germany.
11. OSS
November 18, 2000
Take a look inside America's Office of Strategic Services, the famous U.S. World War II intelligence and sabotage agency (and precursor of the CIA) established by William J. Donovan.
U.S. Naval Intelligence
10. U.S. Naval Intelligence
October 14, 2000
The U.S.'s longest surviving intelligence service was created in 1882. One of U.S. Naval Intelligence's most prominent divisions is the American Photographic Interpretation Center.
9. The CIA
August 10, 2000
Created by President Harry Truman, the CIA became a global agency for covertly collecting and evaluating intelligence. Learn its fascinating story and its changing role in the post-Cold War world.
Us Air Force Intelligence
8. Us Air Force Intelligence
August 3, 2000
From its early beginnings aiding General John J. Pershing on his 1916 Mexican expedition, the U.S. air intelligence arm has experienced an intriguing history.
Secret Air Operations
6. Secret Air Operations
June 1, 2000
In a series uncovering 20th century spy stories, we examine U.S. air missions in Europe that supported the Office of Strategic Services.
The Fbi Spy Files
5. The Fbi Spy Files
May 24, 2000
The FBI serves as a national police force investigating interstate crime. However, it also handles violation of U.S. espionage laws by foreign agents.
U.S. Army Intelligence
4. U.S. Army Intelligence
May 22, 2000
In a series reviewing espionage's role in the 20th century's major conflicts, we focus on U.S. Army Intelligence, which traces its roots to Revolutionary War.
Hitler's Spies
3. Hitler's Spies
December 9, 1999
During World War II, German intelligence spread across the globe, operating throughout occupied and neutral Europe and even as far afield as the U.S. See how this foe became totally compromised.
Spying From The Skies
2. Spying From The Skies
December 8, 1999
To "seize the high ground" has been the battle cry of commanders for over 2,000 years. But from the early days of the 20th century.
Berlin Spy Secrets
1. Berlin Spy Secrets
December 7, 1999
During the 20th Century, the City of Berlin was a hotbed of espionage, first under Kaiser Wilhelm, then during Hitler's tyranny, and throughout the long Cold War.

Spy Web analyzes the changing and growing role of intelligence operations in the 20th century. Spy Web is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on December 7, 1999.

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