Stranded in Paradise

A driven career woman is devastated to lose her job in a prestigious firm because she doesn't see eye to eye with the boss's son. She takes a trip to Puerto Rico to try to save her job at a conference the boss is attending, but thanks to a massive hurricane, she has to stay longer than planned. In the midst of ducking the ferocious storm, she keeps crossing paths with several friendly folks who live there, including a handsome, carefree young man who shows her that there may be possibilities for her life that she had never considered.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on Hallmark Channel
1 Season, 1 Episode
August 9, 2014
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Cast: Vanessa Marcil, James Denton, Cindy Pickett, Gladys RodrÑguez
Stranded in Paradise

Stranded in Paradise Full Episode Guide

  • Tess Nelson is a confident and poised human resources executive who is shooting for a promotion that she deserves, but when her boss tells her instead that she's being laid, Tess is upset and worried about letting her demanding mother down. She goes on a business trip to Puerto Rico to an HR convention to get a new job, but when the trip is a disaster from the beginning and a hurricane is coming, it's impossible to fly home. But then Tess bumps into Carter, a handsome fellow traveler, and opens up to the possibilities beyond her desk job. They are brought closer together with adventures on the island while the hurricane rolls in.