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  • 1984
  • 12 Seasons
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Murder, She Wrote is a classic crime drama television series that first premiered on CBS in 1984 and ran until 1996. The show stars the phenomenal and renowned actress, Angela Lansbury, as Jessica Fletcher, a mystery writer who constantly finds herself getting embroiled in real-life cases of murder.

Each episode of Murder, She Wrote follows Jessica as she travels the world and solves complex crimes that seem to plague the communities she visits. Along with her wisdom and sharp wit, she is always able to outsmart the culprits and bring justice to the victims.

Jessica Fletcher is a widowed author living in Cabot Cove, Maine who spends her time writing her latest novel and mysteriously getting tangled up in real-life murders. Despite having no official training, her natural ability to solve crimes makes her an indispensable asset to the communities she visits.

To help solve these mysteries, Jessica often works with law enforcement officers or private investigators in the respective communities. Some of the recurring characters in Murder, She Wrote include Tom Bosley as Sheriff Amos Tupper, William Windom as Dr. Seth Hazlitt, Ron Masak as Sheriff Mort Metzger, and Louis Herthum as Deputy Andy Broom.

As Jessica travels across the United States and even the world, she encounters all sorts of characters, from wealthy businessmen, to small-town residents, and even high-profile politicians. All of whom, it seems, have a motive for murder. Nevertheless, Jessica is able to weave through the intricate web of clues, ultimately unraveling the mystery and finding the true culprit.

Throughout the show's run, Murder, She Wrote consistently provided audiences with thrilling and engaging stories, each episode gripping viewers from start to finish. With its clever writing, captivating storylines, and the incomparable Angela Lansbury at the helm, it became a television staple beloved by many viewers.

The show's longevity and success can be attributed to several factors, one of which is undoubtedly the acting performances of its cast. Angela Lansbury was consistently brilliant as Jessica Fletcher - her charm, wit, and undeniable intelligence made her an instant favorite among fans. Additionally, the supporting cast was equally impressive, with the likes of Tom Bosley and William Windom delivering noteworthy performances in their respective roles.

Another aspect that contributed to the show's success was its intriguing and engaging storylines. The writers were able to craft complex, multi-layered plots that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The show's use of red-herrings and plot twists also added to its popularity, creating suspense and suspenseful moments that were always resolved at the end.

In conclusion, Murder, She Wrote was a show that truly stood the test of time. Its success can be attributed to its brilliant performances, clever writing, and thrilling storylines. With Angela Lansbury as the iconic Jessica Fletcher, the show will remain a beloved classic in the hearts of fans for years to come.

Murder, She Wrote is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (264 episodes). The series first aired on September 30, 1984.

Murder, She Wrote
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Death by Demographics
24. Death by Demographics
May 19, 1996
In her final case of the series' original run, Jessica investigates the murder of a San Francisco radio station owner whose new methods made him plenty of enemies.
Mrs. Parker's Revenge
23. Mrs. Parker's Revenge
May 12, 1996
Upon her arrival in Atlanta for an Amateur Mystery Writers convention, Jessica gets involved with a FBI investigation when a lethal virus is stolen from a Biological Research Institute. Following the death of her friend Mark, Jessica starts an investigation of her own to discover the identity of his murderer and why they wanted him dead.
What You Don't Know Can Kill You
22. What You Don't Know Can Kill You
May 5, 1996
Jessica is the only one who sees a connection between a motorcyclist's fatal accident and the seemingly unrelated murder of a wealthy attorney.
Race To Death
21. Race To Death
April 28, 1996
Rivalry between two yachtsmen escalates when one is murdered two days before a big race and the other's daughter becomes the key suspect.
Southern Double-Cross
20. Southern Double-Cross
April 4, 1996
While on a speaking engagement in Australia, Jessica discovers she's inherited 130,000 acres of local grazing land. To her horror, the locals' anger over this revelation leads to a pair of murders.
Evidence of Malice
19. Evidence of Malice
March 28, 1996
Following the death of a prominent businessman, Deputy Andy is accused of planting evidence against a shoe manufacturer he bought a house with numerous problems from. When the manufacturer ends up dead one night, Andy becomes the prime suspect in his murder. As a result, Jessica goes to work on clearing the deputy's name.
Track of a Soldier
18. Track of a Soldier
February 25, 1996
While vacationing at a lodge in the Grand Tetons, Jessica becomes embroiled in a squabble over a stolen diamond, blackmail and murder.
Something Foul in Floppieville
17. Something Foul in Floppieville
February 15, 1996
When a puppet that Jessica created is adapted for television show, she arrives on the set to see her creation come to life. However, when several individuals have different ideas for the puppet and blackmail abounds as a result, Jessica has to solve a murder that occurred at the studio.
Murder Among Friends
16. Murder Among Friends
February 8, 1996
While taping a PBS series at a Hollywood Studio, Jessica stumbles upon a murder mystery when a producer ends up dead after budget cuts forces her to cut some cast members of a popular sitcom.
The Dark Side of the Door
15. The Dark Side of the Door
February 1, 1996
While working with a young editor on her new book, Jessica learns that she just read a manuscript by another author recounts with pinpoint accuracy of her kidnapping that happened years ago. When it looks like the authorities are reluctant to believe the girl's story, Jessica offers to help her gain closure in what happened and is surprised at what she finds in their investigation.
Murder in Tempo
14. Murder in Tempo
January 11, 1996
When Jessica arrives in Cabot Cove to go to a benefit concert, she gets caught up in a murder investigation when the headliner is electrocuted during a sound check.
Death Goes Double Platinum
13. Death Goes Double Platinum
January 7, 1996
After discovering that a rising Latin band is involved with the head of a shady recording company, Jessica works on getting an A&R from a big company to distribute their debut album. But when a petty thug who works for the shady recording company is murdered, Jessica has to work with the cops to find out what the motive was and who was behind his death.
Kendo Kill
12. Kendo Kill
January 4, 1996
Jessica's trip to Osaka is interrupted when a motorcycle racer's life is threatened because he intends to marry a girl from a traditional Japanese family.
Unwilling Witness
11. Unwilling Witness
December 14, 1995
A tough-as-nails prosecutor is murdered while taking on an investment firm, and Jessica is called to testify before the grand jury when it's discovered that the deceased's last phone call was to her number.
Frozen Stiff
10. Frozen Stiff
November 30, 1995
Jessica travels to an ice cream factory to pick up a check for charity and maybe learn the secret ingredient in her favorite flavor. When she arrives, however, she discovers the money gone and a company executive dead.
Deadly Bidding
9. Deadly Bidding
November 23, 1995
While at an auction bidding on a rare manuscript by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jessica uncovers the murder of an art forger and helps friend and private investigator Charlie Garrett out of trouble. Wayne Rogers guest stars.
Shooting in Rome
8. Shooting in Rome
November 16, 1995
Ego clashes disrupt a movie shoot in Italy, but Jessica suspects sabotage when a crash occurs.
Nan's Ghost (2)
7. Nan's Ghost (2)
November 9, 1995
Jessica must escape imprisonment in the dungeon of an Irish castle and get to the bottom of a missing-antiques puzzle and a mysterious murder.
Nan's Ghost (1)
6. Nan's Ghost (1)
November 2, 1995
Jessica travels to Ireland, where ghosts and antique smugglers interrupt her stay at a castle bed and breakfast.
Home Care
5. Home Care
October 19, 1995
Suspicious deaths follow a nurse's return to Cabot Cove.
Big Easy Murder
4. Big Easy Murder
October 12, 1995
While in New Orleans to research a new novel, Jessica gets involved in an investigation of a series of murders that are the cause of voodoo curses. Following the death of a friend's husband, Jessica soon discovers that his death seems to be apart of the other murders, especially when a voodoo doll is found at the scene of the crime. As she investigates his death, Jessica discovers that while the housekeeper and her daughter may have motives for wanting him dead, the man's business associates got to him before the women could hurt him.
The Secret of Gila Junction
3. The Secret of Gila Junction
October 5, 1995
After deciding to visit a friend in Gila Junction, Arizona, Jessica reluctantly gets involved with several investigations, one of which surrounds the death of a resident that recently found a large cache of money believed to have been stolen by an area truck-stop bandit and hid in the desert.
A Quaking in Aspen
2. A Quaking in Aspen
September 28, 1995
As Laney Boswell is taking a walk with her friend and lawyer Terry Folger, she gets news that her husband died after losing control of his car and drove off a cliff. In the month since his death, Jessica arrives in Aspen to visit Laney and soon discovers that her friend is the prime suspect in her husband's death and that a witness can prove that Laney was seen purchasing various tools to tamper with her husband's car. Following the death of the witness, Jessica and Private Investigator Charlie Garrett team up with the local sheriff who is in charge of the investigation to prove Laney's innocence and that her husband is actually alive and trying to commit insurance fraud.
1. Nailed
September 21, 1995
In the days following a party attended by numerous museum board members, Jessica gets involved with an investigation of several home invasion robberies that are connected to a highly sought after hairstylist that is rumored to leaving a popular beauty salon to start his own salon chain. When a scheming entrepreneur is found dead in the hairstylist's chair, the Lieutenant in charge of the investigation suspects that the salon owner is the one who committed the murder, Jessica soon uncovers some clues that promptly make her suspect the victim's wife and mistress are the ones who committed the crime.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 30, 1984
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (29,567)