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This animated series based on characters from Nintendo video games features Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool trying to make the best of things while they're living in Dinosaur Land. The series originally aired in 1991 on NBC during the network's Saturday-morning block of children's programming. It lasted only a single season.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
Cast: John Grusd, Andy Heyward
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Super Mario World Full Episode Guide

  • A Little Learning - Princess Toadstool starts a school with Yoshi and Oogtar, and Hip and Hop (over King Koopas objections) are her first students. The kids become sworn enemies and their desire for revenge culminates in a disastrous science fair that threatens to blow up the entire Dinosaur World!

  • The Night Before Cave Christmas - Mario decides to bring Christmas to the Cave People. Luigi and Princess Toadstool make toys and wrap gifts, Mario dresses up as Santa Claus, and Yoshi pulls the cave sleigh. But when King Koops, Grinch-like, steals the you bag with Oogtar inside, Mario

  • Rock TV - King Koopa invents Television! The Cave People are crazy about it. He sells them TV sets to watch at home but each TV contains a Koopa Wizard that casts an evil spell over them! With the Cave People under his control, Koopa puts the Marios on TV - as the fall guys in Dinosaur Wrestling!

  • Party Line - Mario invents the telephone so the Cave People will have a 911 line for emergencies but the Cave People spend all their time talking on the phone and Dome City starts to fall apart from neglect. Theyre oblivious to everything, even a rampaging Evil Dinosaur! Mario must put Ma Bell

  • Born To Ride - After being scolded by Mario and Luigi, Yoshi runs away and joins a motorcycle-riding, evil dinosaur gang who use him to kidnap the Mario Brothers for King Koopa. When Yoshi finds out that he was being played for a sucker, he enlists the help of Princess Toadstool and they ride to the

  • King Scoopa Koopa - King Koopa opens a Fast Food Stand serving Egg Scoopa Koopa sandwiches, which are highly addictive and turn his consumers into Chickadactyls! Luckily, Mario hates eggs. It's up to him and Princess Toadstool to save Luigi, Yoshi and the cave people from becoming the main course in

  • Ghosts Are Us - A Koopa Wizard captures Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool as they search for Oogtar, a brash cave kid who's lost in the Enchanted Forest. The Wizard imprisons the heroes in the dungeon of a Ghost House, and Yoshi must brave real and imagined terrors to rescue them. Totally Tetrisi

  • Send In The Clowns - To feed his hungry evil dinosaurs, King Koopa lures the cave people to a prehistoric circus at the Neon Castle with his Flying Clown Head, and Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Yoshi must rescue them. Only Mario escapes King Koopa's diabolical trap. He must battle the Flying

  • Fire Sale - Kootie Pie steals Mama Fireplant, the source of the cave people's fire, and Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Yoshi must go to Ice Land, where Yoshi must overcome his fear of water to rescue his friends and save Mama Fireplant from being extinguished forever. Misadventures In Robin Ho

  • The Wheel Thing - Mario invents the wheel and the Cave People discover traffic jams and fender benders. Frustrated, they banish Mario and Luigi to Lava Land. Then Kooky van Koopa builds a gigantic Big Foot drawn by evil dinosaurs, which King Koopa uses to terrorize the hopelessly gridlocked Cave Peo

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