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The American logger is a tough breed of human beings that eke out a living doing what they have done for generations. This TV series centers on the operation and lives of different loggers, and their love for what they do for a living. Logging is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and requires constant alertness, and when it is not given, bad things happen. The show shows the day to day events of going to work as a logger and the many dangers they face. Each day brings with it different challenges, and is brought to life in this powerful true life TV series.

Loggers work in the mountains in some of the most rugged terrain there is. Getting to work some days is a battle, and then facing the dangers of Steep Mountain grades that have treachery around every corner, make this series an event to look forward to each week. The powerful men and women who have devoted their lives to the industry have very unique and interesting personalities. Each lends to the drama that is created each and every day, form the day to day task needs and rough mountainous country.

The weather of this high country activity brings with it a great degree of uncertainty and mystery that helps add suspense to the events portrayed. Many sites are being shot in high country rain forest that has new surfaces in different conditions that come at the loggers. Slick wet conditions means more caution is needed in this dangerous and demanding environment of the series show. The show cases the strengths of the workers to face the elements each and every day to bring home the bread. When there is snow everywhere it is hard to see all the dangers properly, and the risk for injury goes up. Loggers have to be alert and aware at all times and never let their guard down or disaster hits.

The machinery used in logging is huge and very powerful, with long winch lines that pull tons of weight through the air. A wrong move by the operator or those working with the operator, and injuries can occur. Falling timber is especially dangerous and when a 10 ton tree falls it can make a lot of potential for injury and danger. The men and women who do this for a living have learned to handle the risk, and it is brought to surface very effectively in the TV series.

American Loggers is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on February 27, 2009.

Where do I stream American Loggers online? American Loggers is available for streaming on Discovery Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch American Loggers on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Discovery online.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
February 27, 2009
Cast: Beau Weaver, Chris Kelly
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American Loggers Full Episode Guide

  • Rudy goes on a business venture, leaving Wayne in charge of operations. Under Wayne's supervision, the men seem to be on a collision course.

  • Brutal cold weather during peak logging season causes both equipment and emotional breakdowns.

  • Crews are determined but three drivers suffer accidents and a busted pipe stinks up Telos camp. Business in the trailer shop is increasing so Allen thinks he needs a raise.

  • The winter freeze has arrived, but a rookie driver can't handle the roads and costs the Pelletiers. Then it's all hands on deck to battle through the first blizzard of the year.

  • A veteran driver's life is threatened when his truck flips. Eldon takes a chance on a new logging camp, and flooding in the forest could force a potential shut down.

  • The wet fall season has crippled production at Pelletier Inc. Things worsen when a crane operator's rig falls through a dilapidated bridge. Back to back mistakes threaten a rookie's job, and a veteran hauler faces death.

  • Torrential rain threatens production and rookie drivers provide more work for everyone else.

  • The mills turn back timber and the Pelletiers struggle to make a profit.

  • The Pelletiers work to double production, but get extremely frustrated when several machines break down. Two crew members threaten to quit, and an emergency repair job halts production in the trailer shop.

  • In the series premiere of American Loggers, the Pelletiers decide to invest in a risky new business venture - building their own logging trailers.

  • It's the big winter push and the Pelletiers have to double production to stay afloat. Tensions run high as Eldon threatens to fire Bonecrusher. Then, the family pulls together as their restaurant opens for business.

  • A wicked snowstorm hits Millinocket and catches the Pelletiers off guard. Massive equipment breakdowns cause tempers to flare and Eldon lashes out at Jeff for his lack of preparation. Then, Lester Dube recalls his father's frigid brush with death.

  • Rainy weather and mud plague business for Pelletier, Inc. Jeff struggles to keep his cool as he oversees a hectic shop. Lester barely escapes death in a head-on collision with a pick up truck. Also, logging continues at the new Levesque Road winter site.

  • The Pelletiers move an army of men and machines to their winter harvesting site. Rookie Aaron transports half million dollar machines across rough terrain, two heavy duty off road rigs are added to the fleet and tempers flare between Jeff and Bonecrusher.

  • The next generation of Pelletiers step up to the plate as the future of the business lies in their hands. The mills demand more wood and everyone hustles to deliver while Jeff and Rudy are tested by a rookie driver's reckless driving and bad attitude.

  • The Golden Road dishes out serious punches and sends truck after truck into the shop. Lester and Bone Crusher get trapped when an angry land owner decides to shut down the road. And Randy Bourgoin wants to haul wood again after his near fatal accident.

  • The loggers make up for lost time as they try to cut 3000 trees in a week but then a damaged bridge shuts down trucking. Also, the Pelletiers drop half a million dollars on a new crane and venture into the restaurant business.

  • A heat wave hits Millinocket sparking production in the woods. Meanwhile, Rudy's crew walks on water as they strip an old bridge from a protected stream, Randy continues his road to recovery and a new logger refuses to get his hands dirty.

  • Torrential rain continues to hammer Pelletier Inc. as the crew fights to harvest and haul wood to the mills. And just when the weather breaks, tragedy strikes as a logger is struck by a falling one-ton log.

  • A wet start to a new logging season has the Pelletiers up against the ropes. Lester and Wayne take on the steepest hill on the golden road while Eldon's Plan to haul double loads of wood to the mills gets shut down.