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Contestants are children who are not opposed to making a big mess. They engage in a series of bizarre physical challenges, most of which have to do with them getting dumped on by a variety of strange semi-liquid substances. Not only are they subjected to dousing by water, but they have to deal with all manner of slime and ooze and test their skills in the arena of teamwork. If they are not too squeamish, they might just be able to walk away with a fantastic prize.

Super Sloppy Double Dare, Vol. 2 is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on October 6, 1986.

Where do I stream Super Sloppy Double Dare, Vol. 2 online? Super Sloppy Double Dare, Vol. 2 is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Super Sloppy Double Dare, Vol. 2 on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
October 6, 1986
Kids & Family, Game Show
Cast: Marc Summers, John Harvey
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Super Sloppy Double Dare, Vol. 2 Full Episode Guide

  • Marc Summers classes it up with a jacket and tie in this episode, I imagine because he had a job interview to get to after the taping.

  • Marc Summers torments one of the show's producers by making her display her Canadian accent.

  • In this episode a boy earns twenty dollars for knowing President Eisenhower's first name, then is offered forty dollars to put potato-sized grains of fake rice into a bucket using enormous chopsticks.

  • Andrew and Stacy are the Atomic Toasters and they are ready to have any quantity of food hurled in their faces in exchange for a plastic watch and electronic keyboard.

  • The Skipper-Doos face off against the Lightning Bugs. But when the object of the game is to let your friend throw an egg in your face for forty dollars, does anyone really win?

  • It's a celebrity episode with some kid stars from 80s sitcoms, but don't think that excuses any of these hot-shots from having their parents chuck pineapples at their faces.

  • Things get very real when Marc and Harvey discuss the two times Harvey has been struck by lightning. He says he is lucky to be alive.

  • Harvey the Announcer wanders onto the set to introduce us to Harvey's Donuts. The contestants have to put them on their heads, but by the sinister grin on Harvey's face I think the real joke is on all of us.

  • In one of the most incredible and important moments in television history, this episode starts with the contestants squirting milk all over their teammates' faces.

  • This episode is so goopy, so squishy, so squirmy, so oozy, and so sloppy that you're going to need nine showers just to rinse off the first layer of slime. Yet somehow Marc Summers keeps his shoes as white as his pristine teeth.

  • Marc Summers throws down some nasty trivia questions, including a few deep pulls about lady bugs. Later in the episode, the contestants go down a slide into a mound of mush.

  • This episode opens on a bunch of kids moving potatoes from one side of a room to the other, making everyone question if this episode came out in 1987 or 1887.

  • If, thousands of years from now, this episode is the only record of 20th-century humanity, its viewers will believe we spent much more time crammed between two enormous slices of fake bread than we actually did.