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  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (271)

Surplus Princess is a South Korean television series that aired on tvN from August to October 2014. It stars Jo Bo-ah, Joo-Wan On, and Song Jae-rim, who play the lead roles in this romantic comedy with a twist of fantasy. The story revolves around Ha Ni (Jo Bo-ah), a mermaid who dreams of becoming human. She has been living underwater for hundreds of years and is tired of her life as a sea creature. One day, she watches a cooking show on a television set that has sunk into the water, and she becomes fascinated with the food she sees. She decides that she wants to live on land and try all the delicious human food she has seen.

Ha Ni sets her sights on the chef named Kwon Shi-kyung (Song Jae-rim); she follows him around and eventually saves him from drowning. As a reward for saving his life, Kwon Shi-kyung promises to help her find a way to become human. Ha Ni's transformation will be complete if she can make Kwon Shi-kyung fall in love with her and receive a kiss from him.

The problem is that he is already seeing a woman named Yoon Jin-ah (Park Ji-soo), who happens to be Ha Ni's roommate. Ha Ni moves in with Yoon Jin-ah and her two other roommates - Shim Hyung-joon (Joo-Wan On), a medical student who is struggling to pay rent, and Lee Hyun-myung (Kim Seul-gi), an aspiring singer who is a bit odd.

Ha Ni must learn how to navigate life on land and get Kwon Shi-kyung to fall in love with her before time runs out. But as she spends more time with her new friends, Ha Ni begins to question whether becoming human is really what she wants.

Surplus Princess is a fresh and charming take on the classic mermaid fairy tale. The show is full of humor, romance, and plenty of fish-out-of-water moments as Ha Ni tries to adapt to life in the human world. Jo Bo-ah does a great job playing the awkward yet endearing Ha Ni, who is simultaneously intrigued and confused by the complexities of human relationships. Joo-Wan On is also quite charming and provides the perfect love triangle that every good romantic comedy needs.

But what sets Surplus Princess apart from other rom-coms is its delightful mixture of fantasy and reality. The underwater scenes are stunningly beautiful, and the show uses special effects sparingly but effectively. The story also explores some deeper themes, such as the meaning of friendship, the power of dreams, and the importance of learning to love oneself.

Overall, Surplus Princess is a heartwarming and quirky drama that is sure to leave audiences smiling. Its whimsical premise, talented cast, and touching storyline make it a must-watch for anyone who loves a good romance with a little bit of magic.

Surplus Princess
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Think I Can't Love Because I'm Afraid of Bubbles?
10. Think I Can't Love Because I'm Afraid of Bubbles?
October 9, 2014
Tensions mount as Hyun Myung and Shi Kyung become more jealous of each other and Aileen is running out of time.
You Can at Least Shoot for the Stars
9. You Can at Least Shoot for the Stars
October 2, 2014
Hyun Myung tries to make sense of what he saw. Shi Kyung figures out how he can also participate in the contest.
Failure Breeds Surplus
8. Failure Breeds Surplus
September 25, 2014
The Surplus House residents work on their contest entry, but they are devastated when they learn what the elite study group has been up to.
The Heart Pounds for a Reason
7. The Heart Pounds for a Reason
September 18, 2014
Hyun Myung overhears Aileen talking to Ahn Ma Nyeo about how many days she has left and comes to his own conclusions. Shi Kyung tracks down Aileen.
It's the End of the World
6. It's the End of the World
September 11, 2014
The damage to the food truck came to one million won. Since the Surplus House residents don't have any money, Ahn Ma Nyeo tells them that they can work off their debt. Shi Kyung calls them in to be food tasters.
Hard Work Is Never Wasted
5. Hard Work Is Never Wasted
September 4, 2014
Aileen gets drunk and is overly forward with Shi Kyung. Jin Ah learns Shi Kyung's secret.
Don't Step on a Mermaid's Dreams
4. Don't Step on a Mermaid's Dreams
August 28, 2014
Aileen has to find out who saw her tail. JH Food announces that they are looking for interns and the guys in Surplus House are desperate to be picked.
True Love During a Random Night
3. True Love During a Random Night
August 21, 2014
Aileen sets out to find true love. Hyun Myung tries desperately to salvage his relationship with Jin Ah.
Meet Your Worst Enemy at the Han River Bridge
2. Meet Your Worst Enemy at the Han River Bridge
August 14, 2014
Hyun Myung's interview doesn't go well when they see that he majored in art. Aileen gets legs and goes to her first party.
Mermaid from the Stream
1. Mermaid from the Stream
August 7, 2014
Aileen, a mermaid, falls for a human chef and is determined to become human. Jin Ah's mom moves her out of Surplus House so that she can find a husband.
  • Premiere Date
    August 7, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (271)