Diabolik Lovers II: More,Blood

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Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood is the second season of the popular DiaLover fantasy, horror and romance series based upon the Gothic otome game of the same name. Diabolic Lovers 2: More Blood is not, however, a direct chronological sequel but rather a spin off of the first series, titled Diabolik Lovers which takes place in a slightly altered timeline from the original season with very few consequences from the previous finale carrying over into the plot of More Blood.

The plot revolves around the young and innocent, Yui, a gentle soul who lives a peaceful life until her loving father inexplicably leaves her. However, she is not left destitute but told that she is to stay at a old mansion far from her home town. When she arrives the mansion is seemingly empty but she soon discovers six young men, The Sakamaki brothers, whom live in the ancient ruin, six men who don't seem quite normal. She quickly realizes that they are vampires and that she is meant to be their sacrificial bride though she strongly believes that the family actually cares for her.

However, this horrible situation is quickly made even worse when a new group of vampires called the Mukamaki Family show up and kidnap Yui from their rivals, the Sakamaki Family. The Mukamaki clan tells her that despite what she believes the Sakamaki's do not really care about her, that she is nothing but meat to them. This revelation spurns Yui to make a choice between the two rival vampire families, a choice which may have far greater consequences than any of them could possibly imagine.

Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 4, 2015
Diabolik Lovers II: More,Blood

Diabolik Lovers II: More,Blood Full Episode Guide

  • Yui, now back at the Mukami household, begins to finally begins to uncover the mystery behind "Adam" and "Eve."

  • The Sakamakis all have their turn with Yui's blood, but Azusa soon arrives on the scene to retrieve her.

  • Back in the clutches of the Sakamaki brothers, Yui seeks to understand more about the Mukami's plan for her blood.

  • Ruki grows more and more distant from both his brothers and Yui, and his increasingly erratic behavior has dire consequences for our heroine...

  • As the situation grows more tense, Shu realizes that there may be a deeper connection between the Sakamaki and the Mukami brothers...

  • The Mukami household decide to allow Yui to attend school with them, but tensions rise as the Sakamaki brothers attempt to take her back.

  • Kou brings Yui a bouquet of roses as a gesture of friendship. Further past tragedies reveal themselves as the two spend the day together.

  • Yui is left alone with Yuma for the day, allowing her a glimpse into his painful memories.

  • Yui seems to be growing accustomed to the Mukami household, but she may get more than she bargained for when she's left alone with Azusa...

  • Yui wakes up in a mysterious mansion and is greeted by four vampires who introduce themselves as the Mukami brothers.

  • Things seem to have calmed down at the Sakamaki mansion. That is, until a mysterious new group appears to abduct Yui...