Wake Up, Girls!

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Green Leaves Entertainment is a talent company that once managed magicians, photo idols, fortune-tellers and a host of other entertainers. When the last client quits, the president of the agency, comes up with creating an idol group. The girls selected all desperately want to become idols, and they learn that it takes a lot of effort to become famous.

Saturday 1:23 AM et/pt on Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 10, 2014
Cast: Yoshino Aoyama, Shintaro Asanuma, Noriko Hidaka, Ryûsei Nakao

Wake Up, Girls! Full Episode Guide

  • The final performance approaches, and the girls realize that something is wrong with Yoshino! Turbulent emotions and new challenges abound as the girls take to the stage!

  • The unexpected happens, and the girls are forced to learn a difficult new song with new choreography. Can the girls rise to the challenge?

  • Different idol groups from around the nation face each other in the preliminaries, and the girls discover what it really means to be a "Wake Up, Girl!"

  • The group enters the annual Idol Festival, and the stakes couldn't be higher! Idols from the around the country will compete to be number one. Do they stand a chance?

  • Hayasaka wants to remove Airi from the idol group due to her lack of improvement. Will the girls defend her? Or will they sacrifice their friend for the sake of the group?

  • I-1 producer, Hayasaka, is interested in producing "Wake Up, Girls!" But will his harsh demands, and even harsher training, break the unity of the group?

  • The girls are getting ready for their second concert, but trouble appears when they realize that their concert is on the same day as I-1 Club's concert.

  • Things are looking good for the "Wake Up, Girls!" after their TV appearance, but as their popularity spreads, so do rumors about ex I-1 Club Member, Mayu.

  • President Tange has returned, and she's booked the girls for a corner on a variety program. Minami's appearance on TV inspires her grandmother to crash the concert, until...

  • The girls seek help from Producer Sudo, but his proposition to increase their popularity involves skimpy swim suits for male customers. Is shady Sudo really trying to help?

  • The idol group "Wake Up, Girls!" performs in their debut concert, but when their agency president disappears with the company's money, can new manager Matsuda save the group?