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Sakura Mamiya can see spirits, much to her dismay. Now in high school, she aims to rid herself of this gift, one she obtained as a child when she crossed between worlds. Her plans are foiled, however, by the appearance of a new classmate named Rinne Rokudo. Rinne has shinigami, or death god, powers, and it is his job to help spirits cross over to be reborn. Together, they help spirits move on, and save their classmates from hauntings.

Saturday 5:30 PM et/pt on Sentai Filmworks
3 Seasons, 75 Episodes
April 4, 2015
Cast: Kaito Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, Tesshô Genda, Sora Tokui
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Rin-ne Full Episode Guide

  • Matsugo invites Rinne to his school festival, so (of course) Sakura, Jumonji, and Renge come along. The festival's ghost-house proves more dangerous than they thought.

  • Sakura finds herself dealing with a fierce dog spirit... but is he really a dog? Later, Rinne wonders if his never ending money problems can be solved by a money spirit.

  • The new wax finish on Rinne's scythe is attracting coins! Later, Sakura helps her friends Miho and Rika when a walking mannequin attacks them.

  • Ageha has one last chance to stop her sister from making the biggest mistake of her life: marrying Sabato! Later, Rinne discovers that Rokumon may have a secret food supply.

  • Rinne is suspected of stealing money at his own school! On the hunt to find the actual perpetrator, he discovers how little faith his friends have in him and his poverty.

  • Something terrible has happened to Matsugo: he's turned into an angel! Worse, he's HELPING people! Later, Sakura and Ichigo bump into Shoma as he tries to help a hippo spirit.

  • Incidents around steamed buns make life difficult for Rinne and Rokumon. Later, Rinne experiences a problem originating from a mysterious package of mushrooms.

  • Refuto hires Rinne to protect an offering of delicious dumplings. Later, Rinne looks forward to a Saury Festival... with one hidden condition.

  • Stingy Annette finds herself suddenly unable to save money. Is it truly a snake spirit's curse? Later, Masato attempts to sabotage Rinne's happiness... again.

  • Sabato reveals an interesting detail concerning the disappearance of Rinne's mother, leading the others to a startling revelation about little Ichigo's true identity.

  • While visiting a pawn shop Rinne discovers something related to his mother, and learns more about her. Later, Sakura and Rinne check on a little girl who can see spirits.

  • Rinne tries to purify a poltergeist, and Sakura helps a spirit who's scared of eggplants. Later, the group takes a trip to a festival to bust a Damashigami scheme.

  • Someone is trying to take over the Damashigami Company! Later, when Renge tries to steal Annette's Peep Ball, she sees a vision of Kain... putting handcuffs on her?

  • Sabato falls victim to the mackerel curse! Later, Jumonji invites Sakura to study for a test at his place, only to have his alone time with her horribly interrupted.

  • A cursed doll from Ageha's past comes to haunt Renge. Later, Rinne helps a spirit by setting her up on a date with Matsugo, despite Matsugo's lingering affections for Rinne!

  • Jumonji finally gets a chance to impress Sakura when he tries to quell a mischievous spirit. Later, Sakura and Rinne help a "creepy" spirit give the performance of his life.

  • Shoma offers to pay Rinne handsomely to take care of a sacred bird, forgetting to mention the bird's frightening appetite. Later, Sakura meets the ghost of an angry bride.

  • Tamako asks Rinne to train a young black cat to support a Shinigami, but this cat's particular phobia gets in the way. Later, Rinne hopes to intercept a "lucky" pot of money!

  • Sakura meets a fortune teller who illegally possesses a Shinigami tool. Rinne goes to collect it, but the fortune teller won't give up her crystal ball without a fight.

  • Rinne and the other Shinigami are tasked with cleaning the Wheel of Reincarnation. The dangerous work only gets worse when a brawl breaks out, and Damashigami enter the scene.

  • A ghost hand seems to have a grudge against a member of the track team. Later, Sakura discovers a mysterious female spirit who demands art students to draw her face.

  • When Sabato gets caught distributing fake Shinigami Gold licenses, Rinne discovers that his father might have been a genius Shinigami in high school!

  • Rinne desperately tries to correct a misunderstanding with Sakura, who, despite knowing that she€™s sad, can€™t place the reason why. Can he patch things up before he loses her?

  • Matsugo, Rinne's enemy-turned-admirer, invites Rinne to a Shinigami school event. To escape this "date", Sakura agrees to pretend to be Rinne's girlfriend.

  • A scythe that chooses its owner€¦ has chosen Sakura! Together, she and Rinne try to purify a (very valuable) black fox spirit. Meanwhile, Sabato schemes to get the scythe.

  • Kain searches for the owner of a coin purse he found in a Damashigami shop raid. Unfortunately, it belongs to Renge, and she€™ll do anything to make sure Kain doesn€™t find out.

  • When a girl gives a scarf to a boy, a phantom scarf appears and strangles him! To lure the haunted scarf, Sakura agrees to knit a scarf for Rinne by hand.

  • Jumonji's expertise on hot pot ingredients may only be trumped by Rinne's intense desire to enjoy hot food on a cold day. Later, Masato deals with his cold "the demon way."

  • Rokumon and the other black cats continue the Level-Up Test. As the felines battle it out, will Rokumon be able to level up so he can purchase Shinigami tools at a discount?

  • The test to level up as a black cat contractor is brutal and filled with distractions. Rokumon, Suzu, and Oboro try to make their Shinigami proud with disastrous results.

  • After a strange encounter with Masato the demon, Rinne gets tricked into attending his elementary school reunion by someone who harbors an old resentment towards him.

  • Ageha gets her hands on Breakup Kit, but her plan to separate Sakura from Rinne results in an even bigger misunderstanding between Rinne and Renge the damashigami.

  • An accident with Rokumon' tooth spawns his evil clone. Later, the Black Cats go mushroom hunting, but Rokumon leads Oboro and Suzu to capture the most dangerous kind.

  • Renge has one more trick up her sleeve to get back at Rinne, and it involves turning Sakura in the most popular girl in school and forcing Rinne to do damashigami work!

  • A beautiful transfer student is possessed by a spirit and it's luring boys' souls from their bodies! She claims she's cursed, but does she have an ulterior motive?

  • Rinne, Ageha, Sakura, and a very tanned Jumonji work with locals at the beach to help quell troublesome spirits and guide lost souls on a ghost beach.

  • Rokumon attends a Black Cat party for a chance to enjoy fancy cat food! The condition: catch a Jealous Cat spirit before the other Shinigamis' cats do!

  • Rinne' scythe is in a state of disrepair, and the shop he usually goes to raised their prices! Craziness ensues as he places his weapon in the hands of a smithing rookie.

  • At a nearby shrine, Sakura finds a photo of her teacher Suzuki-sensei inside of a cursed straw doll. The culprit? A ghost girl bound by guilt and obsession.

  • Shoma can't wait to get away from Rinne, but he' still short on points. Masato seizes this chance to get revenge and tricks Shoma with a fake Evil Spirit Sensor.

  • Shinigami children are supposed to train by escorting pets to the Wheel of Reincarnation, but Rinne ends up hosting a stubborn child whose goal is to fight evil spirits!

  • It' Golden Week, and, for some reason, Rinne' father is asking everyone, even Sakura, for money. Later, a job takes a strange turn when the demon Masato makes an entrance.

  • A ghost that looks like the school president has been seen spray painting buildings and hustling students for money. Can Sakura and Rinne help this delinquent find peace?

  • As an employee in the Lifespan Census Bureau, Kain refuses to let Rinne off the hook for supposedly unpaid membership fees. However, Rokumon swears that he paid on time!

  • Rinne helps a spirit who never got to play tennis while he was alive. Later, Jumonji is hired to conduct an exorcism on a spirit girl...only to end up on a date with her?

  • Rinne is tasked with dealing with an unexpected infestation of snake spirits, but chaos ensues when a black cat named Oboro begins to terrorize Ageha with them.

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