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Utawarerumono, The False Faces is a Japanese television series directly adapted from the adult RPG video game series of the same name by Leaf Studios and, later, Sting Studios. The television series focuses in on a young man named Haku who awakes without any prior knowledge. He does not know who he is nor where he is and very shortly after awakening Haku is confronted by a giant centipede which attempts to devour him. However, the centipede is chased off by a strange blob like creature which begins to speak to him. Terrified Haku fears that this will be then end and that the creature will consume him, however, before he reaches his untimely end he is saved by a young and powerful warrior, a cat woman named Kuon.

Kuon, however, is also a healer as well as a fighter and so she takes the wounded man back to her village where she and the village elders determine that he has amnesia and that he does not even remember his own name. So they decide to give him a name, Haku, and put him to the test, doing chores around the village.

However, he proves completely inept at even the most basic of tasks. In addition to this he has little stamina, no martial ability and proves himself laze and indifferent from the most common place of daily struggles. Despite all these character flaws the villagers find Haku to be a master strategist and profound builder and architect - just the traits they need to slay the vile giant centipede once and for all.

Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 25 Episodes
October 3, 2015
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Utawarerumono The False Faces Full Episode Guide

  • The princess and the rest of the group have successfully fled to Enna-Kamui to ready themselves for the coming civil war. Oshutoru and Nekone arrive later, bearing bad news: Haku is dead.

  • The race is on to escape the capital as the rest of the Eight Pillar Generals seek Oshutoru's death. Burai corners Haku and his friends, and the only way to survive is for a wounded Oshutoru to use the power of his cursed mask.

  • The chase is on as Haku attempts to smuggle Oshutoru and Anju from the capital. But will he be able to flee the combined might of the eight pillar generals?

  • The emperor is dead, and Anju has been poisoned. Oshutoru takes the blame for the crime. Haku mounts a daring plan to rescue him.

  • The Emperor is dead, and now his daughter must take his place. But the Eight Pillar Generals have other ideas. She is poisoned and Oshutoru is blamed for the killing. Will Haku be able to make it in time?

  • Haku comes up with a brilliant plan to attack the fortress where the Tousukuru provisions are stored. But he's discovered by a general who's as powerful as his entire group combined!

  • The war against Tousukuru is going poorly, and Haku is sent with reinforcements. Munechika turns to him to come up with a plan to break the stalemate.

  • The Emperor has declared war on Tousukuru, and Haku is summoned to join the fight. Will Kuon be willing to fight against her homeland?

  • The truth behind Haku's past is revealed. What is his connection to the emperor, and to the mysterious and powerful masks?

  • After returning from the war, Haku is deeply depressed. The girls all offer him gifts to cheer him up, but it doesn't help. So all the men decide to have a massive banquet and drink together. It gets out of hand and everyone starts taking off their clothes...

  • The ancient power of the masks is brought down to bear on the invading Usuurussha armies. The armies are torn apart by the power of the Eight Pillar Generals, but is the cost to Yamato's own citizens too great?

  • The invading forces are taking Yamato citizens hostage and using them as front line troops against the Eight Pillar generals. Rurutie and Haku go on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines to release the hostages' loved ones.

  • Yamato is threatened by a barbarian invasion from the north, but the town doesn't seem worried at all. The eight pillar generals mount a counterattack, and Haku finds himself dragged along.

  • For his services in saving the princess, Haku is invited to the palace and given an audience with the emperor. He is gifted two girls who are called the Priestesses of Chains. But he doesn't realize the deep meaning they possess.

  • The princess has decided to pretend to be kidnapped, in hopes that Oshutoru will come and save her. She enlists Nosuri's help and Haku is forced to help too. But Nosuri has no idea who she really is, and when Oshutoru comes, Haku is forced to face him alone...!

  • Anju is in love with Oshutoru, the royal general. But because she is the imperial princess, she can't fall in love like ordinary people do. Kuon and the others try their best to help her.

  • A messenger arrives at Yamato, claiming he's from a land beyond the eastern sea.

  • A lone passenger ship set sail in the night fog. It turns out to be a hub for illegal gambling.

  • The emperor of Yamato holds absolute loyalty from his subjects. And his daughter, Anju, has her birthday approaching. Hakuroukaku finds itself with a strange visitor. Kuon's eyes shine coldly at this selfish young girl.

  • The inn where Haku's staying, the Hakuroukaku, is known for its beautiful owner. She sends him a letter and invites him to a banquet. He goes, but...

  • Haku's busy days of working hard in the mornings and afternoon and studying at night are wearing down his mind. However, his hard work pays off when he's finally given a vacation. With his freedom and a little money, he sets out to the capital.

  • Haku and Kuon travel to the capital, but their journey is interrupted by a bandit attack.

  • The village is under attack by monsters called gigiri, small insects with nasty claws. Haku and Kuon go with a group of mercenaries to help wipe them out, but get more than they bargained for when they run into a boro-gigiri, a monster that's over 30 feet tall.

  • A young man awakens on a snowy mountain. After a young woman with a tail rescues him from certain death, he comes to the realization that he has no idea who he is.

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