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The television series Kobato is a Japanese anime show. The show follows a young girl named Kobato who works in an elementary school. There is something mysterious about her, and odd things seem to happen when she is around. Kabato is sweet and perky. When she goes to places she has a bottle filled with healed hearts. She does not like to see people in need and wants to help those that are hurting. She is sent to help different people in need. There is one rule that she is having trouble following. She is not allowed to develop feelings, including falling in love with the people she is helping to heal. She has help along the way to fix people who have been wronged. She has Loryogi who is a spirit. The spirit travels with her in the form of a dog plushie. He must make sure that each one of the missions Kobato is given gets completed in full. If he helps her meet her goals he may one day be resorted to his original form. While Kobato always means well, she often gets in trouble for her clumsy ways.

As the show goes on more parts of the story are revealed. It turns out that Kobato has no memories of her past or of her childhood. Eventually she finds out that she has died during a war in a past life. The war was cause by Loryogi. He felt bad for her death and transferred her soul into the Kobato. Little more is known about Loryogi then that he is from the spirit world. He is now sent to watch Kobato and make sure that no harm comes to her and that she does not mess up any part of her healing missions. His current form is due to being punished for starting a war and trying to fight other spirits in the heavens. Together the two of them heal those who are feeling pain on Earth.

Kobato is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on October 17, 2012.

Where do I stream Kobato online? Kobato is available for streaming on Sentai Filmworks, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kobato on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 24 Episodes
October 17, 2012
Cast: Tetsu Inada, Tomoaki Maeno, Kana Hanazawa, Fumiko Orikasa
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Kobato Full Episode Guide

  • Worried about Fujimoto who injured himself at work, Kobato visits his apartment every morning. He appears to be dubious, but still Kobato is determined to help him out. Ignoring Ioryogi?s anxieties about filling the ?bottle? full of kompeito before the approaching deadline, Kobato invites Fujimoto to go on a walk. At the park, Fujimoto, as usual, seems to be bothered by Kobato?s presence?

  • Kobato and Sayaka are tidying up at the kindergarten. Having taken on even more jobs, Fujimoto hasn't had time to show up at the kindergarten anymore. Kobato worries about him? Meanwhile, Ioryogi heads over to the Bear?s Baumkuchen Shop to see Genko with a secret plan for an extension on the deadline to gather kompeito?

  • Kobato is helping out at the kindergarten as usual, when Kazuto Okiura, the man who promises to shut the place down, shows up saying he?s willing to talk. Kobato and Fujimoto are wary, but Sayaka accepts Okiura?s demands?

  • One February evening when the air is still cold, Kobato tells Ioryogi about all the magazines she saw with pictures of chocolates on them. Ioryogi explains Valentine?s Day, and Kobato talks to Fujimoto about having a Valentine?s Day party at the kindergarten. As the kindergarten lacks funds, she decides to work at Bakery Tirol in return for a supply of ingredients to make chocolates?

  • Preparations for the Christmas party are underway. Fujimoto, who always dresses as Santa Claus, is ironing his suit. His attitude bothers Kobato because every time their eyes meet, he turns away. On such a day, Domoto waits for Kobato at the kindergarten. It is late, so he offers to walk her home. As they?re walking through town, who would coincidentally appear before them, but Fujimoto??

  • It?s winter, and Kobato is thrilled at the sight of Christmas trees. But at the kindergarten, that debt collector who had been by to hassle them before, is by the gate. Unable to do anything about a man just standing there, Fujimoto holds back his frustration. Meanwhile, the children are happily decorating for Christmas. Even Domoto comes to help?

  • Returning to her apartment after helping at Yomogi Kindergarten, Kobato hears from Chitose, Chiho and Chise about a bazaar being held at the elementary school. Thinking a bazaar might help the kindergarten?s financial crisis Kobato suggests it to Ms. Sayaka. Fujimoto says it?s a waste of time, but Ms. Sayaka is willing to give it a try?

  • While taking a walk with Ioryogi, enjoying the fragrance of autumn, Kobato finds a huge ginkgo tree. She takes the children to see the tree after Toshihiko has a fight over building blocks. They decide to use the beautiful fallen leaves to make pictures. While they are collecting the leaves, they find out that the tree is going to be cut down?

  • Done helping at Yomogi Kindergarten, Kobato finds a classifieds magazine on Fujimoto?s desk. Wishing to help the kindergarten, she decides to find a job too. Chitose introduces her to Hiroyasu Ueda, the manager of a coffee shop called Bakery Tirol. Kobato gets the job but, as it usually does, trouble soon finds her!

  • Fujimoto has headed off to university without his essay, and Ms. Sayaka asks Kobato to deliver it. Excited about being able to show the ever-so-mean Fujimoto up, Kobato sets off to find him at school. There she meets Domoto, who helps her look for Fujimoto. Somehow, this puts Ioryogi in a bad mood?

  • It?s early summer, and Kobato is going on a picnic with all of the children at Yomogi Kindergarten. While playing in the park, Marina goes missing. Kobato and Fujimoto do everything they can to search for her. Meanwhile, Ioryogi heads off alone to see Genko from Ikai regarding some debt trouble the kindergarten is in?

  • Kobato is off on her usual search for people with broken hearts so that she can collect ?kompeitos? in her bottle. Ioryogi?s anxiety mounts as Kobato bungles again and again.Kobato is lured to the front of a small church where she meets Kohaku, an angel from Tenkai (Heavens) with a most beautiful heart.

  • Kobato and Ioryogi stay inside an unused sewer pipe in the park to avoid getting wet. Ms. Sayaka, the head of Yomogi Kindergarten, decides to take Kobato to an apartment her friend Chitose looks after. Moved by Ms. Sayaka?s kindness, Kobato heads to the kindergarten to help out.

  • Kobato Hanato has a wish. In order to collect all the wounded hearts, she must embark on a mission and succeed and so begins her story.