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Black Butler II is one of the many anime programs from Japan that has been redubbed in English to allow American viewers the pleasure of enjoying it. The show has a unique plot focused on a young boy and his faithful butler. This butler is no ordinary man Friday. He is a demon that has entered into a contract to serve his young master with the final payment being the young man's soul.

The young master is Ciel Phantomhive. Just outside of London, the earldom of Phatomhive is located on beautiful grounds. On Ciel's tenth birthday, a fire erupts and burns the manor down to the ground, along with both of Ciel's parents. Ciel goes missing for more than a month, but suddenly turns back up with a mysterious figure in black at his side.

It turns out that ruthless villains murdered Ciel's parents in front of his eyes before burning Phatomhive Manor to cinders. After the fire, the demon butler named Sebastian Michealis shows up and makes a proposition to the young heir to the Phatomhive earldom. He will help Ciel track down and avenge his parents' killers. However, this vengeance will come at a price. When the last fiend has been brought to justice, Sebastian Michealis will gain possession of Ciel's soul.

Unfortunately for both of them, the Earl of Phantomhive is required to be the head of the guards of Queen Victoria. This means that the quest for vengeance is delayed by the need to cater to the queen's every whim. Ciel and Sebastian are constantly forced to hobnob with the nobility and attend tedious official functions.

The show moves through back and forth between Victorian London's high society and criminal underworld. This keeps the pace moving and allows viewers to get a truly vast scope of the London of the Victorian era. The show also has a lot of sexuality in it, making it not suitable for younger viewers. The dialogue is full of sexual innuendo, and a lot of bare skin is displayed over the course of the series.

Black Butler II is a popular anime that has received a lot of acclaim from both the critics and the general public. It always keeps its viewers guessing about what will come next and what is really going on. There are plot twists around every corner, so fans will quickly become engrossed in this unusual anime.

Black Butler II is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on July 1, 2010.

Black Butler II is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Black Butler II on demand atAmazon online.

3 Seasons, 41 Episodes
July 1, 2010
Cast: J. Michael Tatum, Brina Palencia, Jason Douglas, Terri Doty
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Black Butler II Full Episode Guide

  • Sebastian carries out his remaining orders, and as usual, Will is left to clean up the mess.

  • The world is never kind to anyone.

  • Lord Kelvin invites Ciel to replay a certain night from his past, and Ciel's servants receive some unexpected visitors at the mansion.

  • Before they pay the baron a visit, Sebastian decides to take some advice from Soma.

  • Sometimes Sebastian's revisions to a plan can be dangerous.

  • Sebastian and Will may well be the most awkward duo in circus history, but Ciel currently has bigger problems.

  • Sebastian and Ciel have done undercover work before, but this particular job presents some unique challenges.

  • The air is thick with trapezes, knives, and pointed jibes as Sebastian and Ciel audition for the circus. Then after the excitement dies down, they see an unexpected familiar face in the rehearsal tent...

  • After a letter from Queen Victoria, some breaking and entering, and a trip to Undertaker, Sebastian and Ciel go to the circus. The mission: find a large group of missing children. The obstacle: Sebastian loses it a little when he's around cats...

  • Our favorite butler and master are back with more tea and cakes, more cutlery-based warfare, and more evil to rout from the London underworld.

  • Will and Grell are tasked with training the new students of the Reaper Association. As they lead the recruits through the process, Will reflects on the past, when he and Grell first teamed up to take the Reaper exam.

  • After freeing a butterfly from a spider's web - and removing one of the insect's wings to ensure it never flies away - Alois Trancy faces difficult questions about himself and his relationship with Claude.

  • As the young master tracks his rabbit-eared butler through Wonderland, he meets an enigmatic caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat. After joining the Mad Hatter for tea, Ciel's adventure takes a dark turn when he's accused of a crime by the Queen of Hearts.

  • Go behind the scenes and watch the cast of Black Butler discuss the ins and outs of making the show's second season. Featuring outtakes and candid footage, this documentary will change the way you see your favorite anime.

  • Prepare to experience Sebastian's hospitality first-hand as he leads you on a tour of the Phantomhive estate. As a guest of Ciel and his butler, you will witness mysteries unfold and murderous intentions revealed.

  • Strange things are afoot at Phantomhive manor after Sebastian sprouts rabbit ears and vanishes into a hole in the ground. When Ciel decides to follow the butler, he finds himself in a strange and familiar Wonderland.