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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

Taste of France is a captivating docuseries produced by Total Content Digital that takes viewers on a journey to explore the rich history and culinary culture of France. The show features renowned Canadian chef, Bob Blumer, as he travels through various regions of France, meeting local chefs, bakers, farmers, and winemakers to uncover the secrets behind some of the country's most beloved dishes and ingredients.

Each episode of the show is a fascinating showcase of French cuisine, highlighting the classic recipes and contemporary trends that make French food so revered around the world. Bob's visits to local markets, farms, and vineyards offer insight into the origin and quality of the ingredients central to French cooking, while his kitchen demonstrations and collaborations with top chefs demonstrate the intricacies of how complex, delicious dishes are crafted.

Throughout the series, viewers are immersed in the diverse gastronomic landscape of France, from street food to haute cuisine, showing how regional differences in ingredients, cooking traditions, and cultural practices have influenced the cuisine across the country. Bob's interactions with passionate and skilled culinary artisans in their own environments showcase the people and places that make France's food culture so special.

Along with the educational journey, the show also has a light-hearted approach. Bob's humor and relatable personality make for an entertaining viewing experience. In addition to his culinary knowledge, he also shares his own perspectives on French culture and the beauty of the country. The focus of the show is the food and culture of France while not failing to include humor and personality.

The show features a variety of dishes, from the famous bread and pastry of the Parisian boulangeries to the rustic cassoulet dish of the Southwest. Bob explores the classic French dishes and provides a step-by-step guide on how to make them. Alongside the local chefs, he also creates contemporary versions of these traditional dishes, showcasing the new age developments in French cuisine. From fine seafood dishes to sweet desserts, there is a little something for everyone's taste buds in this show.

One of the highlights of Taste of France is the variety of locations visited throughout the series. From the picturesque South of France to the vineyards of Bordeaux and the bustling streets of Paris, the show offers stunning views of the French countryside, charming cities, and quaint villages. The exploration of these different regions provides insight into how the local cuisine evolves and adopts new methods while maintaining the traditional food practices that have been relevant for centuries.

Overall, Taste of France is a fascinating and delightful exploration of the history, culture, and culinary traditions of France. It offers a unique insight into the diverse French cuisine and provides viewers with a chance to discover new flavors and techniques to elevate their culinary skills. It is a must-watch not just for French cuisine lovers but for anyone who has an appreciation for good food, culture, and travel.

Taste of France is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2019.

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The Basque Country
6. The Basque Country
January 1, 2019
German chef Fabian Feldman and Australian chef Luke Dolphin have earned the trust of the local producers and receive their best produce that will be rightly showcased in their restaurants. The Basque terroir is full of tasty products: the Kriaxera duck, Banka trout, Kintoa pork, red corn, sheep cheese Ossau-Iraty, fresh fish from St Jean-de-Luz harbor and cepe mushrooms.
5. Provence
January 1, 2019
In Marseille, Scotsman Malcolm Gardner opened one of the best restaurants in the city that serves Mediterranean fish paired with a delicious Cassis wine. In Menton, Argentinean chef Mauro Colagreco just won his Michelin third star. We discover how he prepares a carpaccio of gamberone seasoned by yuzu-flavored olive oil, and how he revisits a Provencal classic: bouillabaisse.
4. Occitania
January 1, 2019
In Castres and Albi, the two chefs showcase the diversity and quality of Occitan products. Whether cooking wood pigeon, asparagus or foie-gras, these foreign chefs help discerning diners to rediscover the products of the region. Each has his own style: bistro-gastronomy for the Swede, and more elaborate creations for the Englishman, who loves the flowers and plants of the nearby Montagnes Noires.
Lyon Region
3. Lyon Region
January 1, 2019
These cooks turned restaurateurs were behind many of this region's most traditional, generous and gourmet recipes. Today, Lyon is experiencing a different culinary revolution with a new generation of chefs moving into this rich terroir to celebrate and reinvent Lyonnais cuisine. Among them, Tabata Mey, a Brazilian trained by Paul Bocuse, and Swedish chef Connie Zagora.
The Alps
2. The Alps
January 1, 2019
With their livestock, cheeses, freshwater fish, fruits and vegetables, the Alps invite us to indulge in its delicacies. Welsh chef Si
Corsican Flavors
1. Corsican Flavors
January 1, 2019
Corsican hospitality can only be fully experienced by those who can discover the local terroir and specialties. Two foreign chefs can attest of this: English chef Simon Andrews in Ajaccio and Italian chef Fabio Bragagnolo in Porto Vecchio. While the two managed to retain an Italian or English touch in their cuisine, they have also highlighted the island's culinary wealth and its unrivaled flavors.
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Taste of France is available for streaming on the Total Content Digital website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Taste of France on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon and Tubi TV.
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    January 1, 2019