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Never has a generation been so completely taken over by a totalitarian state as was the case in Hitler's Third Reich. At the age of 10 children joined the Jungvolk movement, at 14 they joined the Hitler Youth, and at 18 they joined the party, the Wehrmacht, the SA or the SS. This 5-part documentary is the first comprehensive film portrayal of the young people in the Third Reich.

The Hitler Youth is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (3 episodes). The series first aired on .

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  • Shortly before the end of the war, Hitler sent children into a battle which had long since been lost, and, many young people marched enthusiastically to their imprisonment or death. The effects of the trauma, the abuse of an entire generation, continue up to the present day.

  • The future elite of the "thousand year Reich",were brought up to hate Jews, instilled with the delusion of the "master race", and drilled to be obedient until death. The Nazi regime had access to the everyday lives of young girls and boys, their development, and their futures. The indoctrination also took place in the National Political Institutes of Education, the Third Reich's elite schools.