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In this Amazon original drama, a young soccer player's promising career heads off on a detour when she and her family move to California. Her new team, The Kicks, is not of the caliber that she's used to, and it's up to her to be the inspirational leader who will get the team on a winning track.

Amazon Studios
1 Season, 10 Episodes
June 26, 2015
Cast: Sixx Orange, Isabella Acres, Gabe Eggerling
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The Kicks [Ultra HD] Full Episode Guide

  • After the prank war with Pinewood, Devin must hide her injured ankle. Mirabelle, the only teammate who knows, promises to keep it a secret from the team and Coach Rivas. Once the secret begins to spread, The Kicks decide to tell Coach Rivas out of concern for Devin's future career and health. Benched for the biggest game of the year against Pinewood Academy, Devin is upset at her team for telling on her and feels betrayed before she realizes that her team has her best interests in mind. When the game comes down to one penalty kick, Devin subs in against the better judgment of Coach Rivas. She makes the goal and The Kicks win, but at a much larger price than she anticipated.

  • The Kicks are upset that Pinewood Academy, is going to hire Coach Rivas for next season. Devin and the girls put together a plan to get back at Pinewood by pranking them. Pinewood begins to respond with pranks of their own, and things begin to escalate to the point where Devin gets hurt during an elaborate plot to steal Pinewood's prized possession. Coach Rivas steps in and tells the girls their anger is misdirected at the Pinewood girls and invites them to open up about their feelings. At the end of year banquet, the girls apologize to Coach Rivas for being unreasonably upset at him. Coach Rivas then surprises them by making a heartfelt speech and gifting them new jerseys purchased out of pocket.

  • After getting in trouble for breaking curfew at the tournament, Devin and Mirabelle have to deal with the consequences at home and school. Sharon and Tom take Devin's phone, computer, and TV privileges away. As a result Bailey ends up relaying all messages to Devin from her parents and friends. Mirabelle's punishment is more severe and The Kicks work to help prevent her from having to switch schools and leave their soccer team permanently. After successfully helping Mirabelle stay at Kentville, the girls discover that the one they are really in danger of losing is their coach.

  • The Kicks' uniforms are old and falling apart so Coach Rivas signs the team up for an out of town tournament that could earn the team new jerseys. Sharon is nervous about Devin going away for the weekend, while Bailey is happy to have a sister-free house all to himself. At the tournament, Devin and Mirabelle strike up a new friendship and leave the hotel to visit a themed restaurant. When an earthquake hits California, Devin and Mirabelle find themselves stuck in an elevator and unable to get back to their hotel room by curfew. At home, the rest of the Burke's cope with their first earthquake and Bailey realizes in a moment of panic and concern for Devin, that he might appreciate Devin more than he had realized.

  • When Devin loses her lucky headband, everything in her life seems to go wrong. She's playing soccer poorly, she breaks her phone, and Bailey is transferred into her math class after advancing a grade. Coach Rivas shares with Devin a story about his superstitious lucky coin to sympathetically put her at ease, but it only makes things worse. The Kicks buy Devin a new headband and try to pass it off as her old one and while Devin appreciates the effort she can tell the difference. The Kicks then decide to give up their pre-game rituals and superstitions in an act of solidarity for Devin, at which point Devin realizes what great friends and teammates she is surrounded by.

  • Gopher holes and an uneven playing field has led to some sloppy practices for The Kicks, which is hurting their ability to improve. Devin and the girls decide to sell cupcakes to raise money to fix their field. The plan goes array when the Kentville student council gives away free cupcakes. Without a viable plan, Coach Rivas challenges the boys€™ team to a game against the girls' team to compete for the use of their superior field. This bet puts Devin and Cody at odds along with their respective Dads€™, who meet at a family dinner planned by Sharon. Ultimately the girls€™ team is able to win because they use their shabby field to their advantage.

  • Coach Rivas chooses to make Devin the new captain of The Kicks and as her first order of business she decides to help Zoe improve her goalie skills. Mirabelle takes things into her own hands and recruits Parker, a friend from detention who clearly has more natural talent than Zoe. The team is split on who should get to play goalie and when a practice gets too heated, Coach Rivas forces The Kicks to have a mandatory slumber party at Devin's house. The sleepover starts awkwardly, but as they are forced to hash things out, Devin finally steps up as a leader, bringing all sides of the argument together while also maintaining her friendship with Zoe. Meanwhile, Bailey and Tom have a father son movie night, but with Tom being so busy at work, Bailey has already seen the movie that Tom wanted them to see together.

  • Devin Burke was the star player on her soccer team back home until her family moved to California. Now, Devin has to rise to the challenge after discovering that her new school team has been on a losing streak and is badly in need of a leader to turn things around. Based on the book series by Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Morgan and adapted by David Babcock (Brothers & Sisters, Gilmore Girls).

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