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Based on the long running comic strip "Prince Valiant" written originally by Hal Foster, this animated series takes Prince Valiant on a series of adventures. In the first episode aired in 1991, Prince Valiant has a dream that he loses his castle and home and has to travel to a far away land.

The Legend of Prince Valiant is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on September 2, 1991.

The Legend of Prince Valiant is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Legend of Prince Valiant on demand at, Tubi TV online.

Content Family
1 Season, 16 Episodes
September 2, 1991
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Alan Oppenheimer, Michael Horton, James Avery, Samantha Eggar
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The Legend of Prince Valiant Full Episode Guide

  • A gala is taking place at Camelot to honor Sir Gawain and Sir Bryant, the heroes of the siege of Canonwolde.

  • While King Arthur and Guinevere are away on official business, Merlin's life is put in danger -- Morgana has convinced Lord Keller, who is feuding with Merlin, to slip him a highly potent sleeping potion.

  • A powerful ruler from the north, King Ian, is at Camelot negotiating a treaty with Arthur.

  • A small group from Camelot is celebrating Arthur and Guinevere's anniversary at Canonwolde, the fortress where Arthur and Guinevere first lived when they were married.

  • A great tournament is taking place in Camelot. Knights from all over the realm have come to participate, including one that can outboast even Sir Gawain...Sir Harold of York.

  • Camelot must contend with a force the likes of which has never been seen -- gunpowder.

  • Sir Gawain, the confirmed bachelor, has surprised all of Camelot by sending a messenger bearing an announcement that...he is getting married.

  • Valiant, Arn and Rowanne have joined the rest of Camelot in celebrating the return of Mordred the Valorous, one of the original knights of Camelot.

  • Rowanne hastily leaves for Bridgesford one morning because of a terrible premonition that her family is in danger.

  • Rolf, King Willem's Lord of Arms, has arrived at Camelot bearing a letter and gift from Valiant's father.

  • Arn wakes up one morning to the sound of mighty hoof beats approaching the castle-keep. He quickly rouses Valiant and Rowanne to witness an incredible vision of a Knight with the emblem of Camelot on his shield galloping past them.

  • Behind a waterfall outside the castle-keep, Val discovers the skeleton of a Viking warrior.

  • Rowanne, quietly practicing her archery in the woods one day, is suddenly abducted.

  • In search of a blacksmith to repair a broken dagger, Valiant and Arn stumble into a fight in the village of Bridgesford.

  • Prince Valiant, on his quest for Camelot, must contend with all of nature's wonders and dangers alone until he meets a shy, yet savvy peasant named Am.

  • King Willem of Thule, Prince Valiant's father, and his men are under attack by a ruthless tyrant named Cynan.