The Mega-Brands That Built America

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  • 2023
  • 2 Seasons
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The innovations, failures and incredible achievements of some of the most successful businesses in history, from megastores like Costco and Walmart to shipping giants like FedEx and UPS, that forever changed the way Americans live.

The Mega-Brands That Built America is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on July 23, 2023.

The Mega-Brands That Built America
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Sneaker Head-to-Head
8. Sneaker Head-to-Head
June 30, 2024
Two sneaker companies become industry titans through a decades long battle for global dominance, as they unleash iconic footwear that will bring sneakers mainstream and make them part of the fabric of American culture.
Rentals to Riches
7. Rentals to Riches
June 23, 2024
A down-on-his-luck car salesman has the visionary idea to start the first rental car company in America, and when he joins forces with cab company owner John Hertz, they spread their revolutionary business across the country. But when WWII veteran Warren Avis starts his own rental car company, fierce competition between the two gives rise to a new industry with a $100 billion annual market.
Clash of the Computer Titans
6. Clash of the Computer Titans
June 9, 2024
A game designer named Steve Jobs starts a personal computer company in his parents' garage on his way to bringing computers mainstream. But when he commissions the help of a software design company run by Bill Gates, it's the beginning of one of the biggest rivalries in the history of American industry.
Music on the Move
5. Music on the Move
June 2, 2024
In the 1950s, rival electronics companies aim to make music portable for the first time ever. What follows is a decades-long rivalry that prompts the creation of iconic products like the Pocket Radio, Cassette Tape, Walkman and the CD, alongside the rise of two of the biggest companies in the world.
Suite Dreams: Birth of the Modern Hotel
4. Suite Dreams: Birth of the Modern Hotel
May 19, 2024
Two visionaries breathe new life into the hotel industry in America and the world, by setting the modern standard for hospitality. Despite setbacks, economic downturns, and international conflict, these rivals will stop at nothing to be number one.
Easy Money
3. Easy Money
May 12, 2024
In the middle of the 20th century, a small piece of plastic revolutionizes the world of commerce as Diners' Club, Bank of America, and American Express race to change how people pay for everything kicking off the $6 trillion dollar a year credit card industry.
Internet Killed the Video Store
2. Internet Killed the Video Store
May 5, 2024
A database software engineer is inspired to create a bigger, unprecedented family friendly video-store, Blockbuster. But, as the dot com boom explodes an opening appears for two software executives in California to redefine the industry and take on the media giant with their online subscription service, Netflix.
End of the Landlines
1. End of the Landlines
April 28, 2024
When Motorola introduces the first handheld portable telephone to the world, the futuristic technology sets off a fierce battle among international telecommunications companies to produce the most popular cell phone. The competition for the next great mobile device produces innovations such as flip phones, ringtones, and text messaging. But when a little-known tech upstart from Canada decides to combine the features of a computer with a cell phone to make a smartphone called the Blackberry, the way we use phones will never be the same again.
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