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Take a romp through the slacker world of The Sarah Silverman Program. Watch while Sarah Silverman plays her guitar and sings songs that serve as the background soundtrack to her own self centered world. A world where there is always someone who is offended and Sarah Silverman is always the hilarious perpetrating offender caught red handed.

No subject is too taboo to touch; jokes about homosexuality, abortion, and AIDS are just a few of the edgy envelope pushing comedy premises that drive this hilarious show. This show is a fun fest of tasteless humor of the non politically correct variety. With three seasons worth of episodes that totally push the envelope of nothings sacred as never before.

Silverman plays an unemployed, irresponsible version of herself. To say she is oblivious to others would be an understatement. As she in her childish alter ego form inadvertently and impulsively walk through life insulting family, friends, and strangers the like. With her childish self absorption being at the very core of what allows her to get away with such antics.

Like many people who are childish and self absorbed she seems to attract a circle of like minded eccentric individuals. All of her friends seem to join in with indulging her in her antics making the show all the more fun to watch. With its blend of musical numbers and animated segments which help to drive it's playful in your face absurdity.

You'll be humming along and laughing out loud at Sarah Silverman as she walks through and breaks up the monotony of every day life with the occasional blast of gas and an inappropriate fart joke. You couldn't ask for a better sense of comedic timing in a really cute package with a ponytail. Sarah Silverman says it without a doubt with this show- The time to laugh, play, and act offensively immature is right now!

The Sarah Silverman Program is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on February 1, 2007.

Where do I stream The Sarah Silverman Program online? The Sarah Silverman Program is available for streaming on Comedy Central, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Sarah Silverman Program on demand at Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Apple TV, Comedy Central online.

Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt on Comedy Central
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
February 1, 2007
Cast: Sarah Silverman, Laura Silverman, Brian Posehn, Steve Agee, Jay Johnston
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The Sarah Silverman Program Full Episode Guide

  • Sarah repeatedly gets into pedophiles' vans and discovers that it's the vans that are making the drivers creepy. Brian and Steve argue about whose turn it is to do the laundry after both are sprayed by a skunk.

  • Sarah narrates, the story of Steve creating a baby robot, for Brian and he to care for. Meanwhile, Laura and Jay discuss their sexual interest with each other.

  • Sarah and Steve go to a jam band concert where Sarah convinces the fans they don't actually like jam band music, they are just tripping.

  • When Sarah wrongfully begins to believe she is mentally retarded, she becomes determined to use her disability to inspire people. Meanwhile, Brain and Steven switch bodies when they bump heads trying to pick up a magical dragon phone.

  • Sarah's childhood imaginary friend Troy draws her into a life of sex and drugs. Meanwhile, Steven writes a song mocking Brian after he refuses to let Steve play in his band.

  • When Sarah gets tired of hearing about the upcoming local election she decides to entertain herself by campaigning for a fake write-in candidate.

  • Sarah sues the film Home Alone for prompting her to kill her new neighbor. Meanwhile, Brian tries to get even with a bird that keeps defecating on his head.

  • After Sarah's brunch is interrupted by a children's book reading, she decides to show everyone how easy it is to make children's books and television. Meanwhile, Brain and Steven are informed that their genitals have an unpleasant odor.

  • Laura purposely misinforms Sarah that she was born with both male and female genitals. Meanwhile, Steve and Brian are hunted by a ghost.

  • Sarah mocks the institution of marriage by announcing that she and her dog, Doug, are engaged. When Doug saves Sarah's life, she ceases to view the "engagement" as sarcastic. Brian and Steve discover an old pickle jar that Steve farted in 10 years ago.

  • Brian and Sarah set out to coin the next big word, in hopes it will become part of society's slang terms.

  • Sarah is oblivious to the fact that she is 9-months pregnant, assuming she's just been bloated. When she finally comprehends her situation, she realizes she may be in over her head.

  • Sarah loses her keys, so has no choice but to become homeless. She meets an old friend who shows her the beauty of homelessness, causing Sarah to never want to go home again.

  • Sarah becomes an adult bed-wetter. Brian is very attached to his long beard, despite the fact that Steve hates it. Their relationship is tested when Brian slips on an escalator and gets the beard irreversibly stuck in the machinery.

  • While Sarah takes down an alleged terrorist, Laura's grooming habits leave a lot to be desired.

  • Sarah realizes her old friends aren't that much fun, so she decides to look for new ones.

  • Sarah discovers her Russian ancestors were raped by Mongolians. Believing this has personally affected her, even 800 years after the fact, Sarah sues the entire nation of Mongolia. Steve's homemade short films get him some popularity with a demographic he'd never thought possible.

  • Sarah gets high for the first time, and leaves herself a voicemail imploring herself to treat her stoned thoughts seriously, and to act on them. Some of these thoughts prove to be good ideas, others don't. Jay inadvertently lets the world know that he had a nocturnal emission as a result of a dream about a local news correspondent.

  • Sarah's life is spiraling out of control after she fires her maid. A trip to Mexico to find her former housekeeper ensues as she is on a quest to get her life back to normal.

  • Sarah begins dating God. She soon enough has had enough of their relationship but wants to hold out long enough to show him off at her high school reunion. Could pot smoking have turned Brian and Steve gay?

  • When their mother's grave is vandalized, Sarah and Laura become contestants on their favorite TV show in hopes of winning enough money to replace the tombstone.

  • Sarah strongly believes that it is much easier to be a black person in America than it is to be a Jewish person. To prove her point she decides to become black for a day. Meanwhile, Brian and Steve get carried away smoking medical marijuana.

  • The second season opens with Sarah joining a community group for its lemon bars and discovering later that it's an antiabortion collective. Meanwhile, Steve and Brian's date night is affected by a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Sarah Silverman Program News

NBC Sarah Silverman Pilot Picks Up Jeff Goldblum

From playing one of two gay dads on "Glee," Jeff Goldblum will drop right into Sarah Silverman's developing NBC comedy pilot, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The veteran actor star of "The Fly," NBC/USA spinoff "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," and both "Jurassic Park" and its sequel "The Lost World" has signed up to play Sarah Silverman's ex-boyfriend in the accerbic comedienne's semi-autobiographical sitcom in the making "Susan 313.

Sarah Silverman Lands New Show: Will NBC Censor Her?

There are many ways to describe Sarah Silverman, but "soft-spoken" is not one of them. So when news broke that Silverman had sold the pilot episode of her new series to NBC, that got me wondering: can she make it on network TV? There's no question of the level of talent here, but it's clear that from the Holocaust to the inappropriately sexual, nothing is off-limits for Silverman.

A Return to TV for Sarah Silverman?

If you're one of the many people who was sad to see the delightfully off-beat if not completely offensive "The Sarah Silverman Program" be cancelled last year, there's some hope on the horizon. Silverman, it seems, could potentially be returning to television very soon. Sarah Silverman is in the process of writing a new show along with her "Sarah Silverman Program" collaborators Jon Schroeder and Dan Sterling.