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  • 2016
  • 1 Season

The unReal World from Outside TV Features is an adrenaline-fueled show that follows the life of two real-life friends, Brett Rheeder and Tom Van Steenbergen, as they take on the biggest challenges of their lives. The show is a must-watch for anyone who loves extreme sports or just loves watching two buddies push themselves to the limits.

Brett Rheeder is a professional mountain bike rider, and Tom Van Steenbergen is a freeride mountain biker. Together, they set out on an epic adventure to explore some of the most remote and challenging mountain biking terrain in the world. The show is all about taking risks and pushing boundaries – Rheeder and Van Steenbergen constantly push beyond their comfort zones, challenging themselves and each other to go bigger, faster, and higher than ever before.

The unReal World is a show that's all about the thrill of the ride. The action is intense, the landscapes are breathtaking, and the stunts are unbelievable. Whether they're racing down snow-covered mountains, soaring off towering jumps, or navigating treacherous rocky terrain, Rheeder and Van Steenbergen always bring their A-game.

One of the things that makes the show so special is the chemistry between Rheeder and Van Steenbergen. The two have been friends for years, and their easy familiarity adds a level of authenticity to the show. They push each other to perform at their best, but they also know when to give each other space when the going gets tough. This camaraderie and mutual respect make for some truly heart-stopping moments on the show.

Another thing that sets The unReal World apart from other action sports shows is the emphasis on natural terrain. The show doesn't rely on big, man-made ramps and obstacles – instead, Rheeder and Van Steenbergen seek out the most challenging natural terrain they can find. This not only makes for more exciting and unpredictable riding, but it also puts a greater emphasis on the riders' skills and athleticism.

The show also does an excellent job of showcasing the beauty and diversity of the landscapes the riders explore. From snowy peaks and dense forests to rocky deserts and coastal cliffs, the show takes viewers on a breathtaking tour of some of the world's most stunning natural environments. The cinematography is top-notch, capturing every hair-raising moment and every stunning vista with amazing precision and artistry.

Despite the intense physical demands of their sport, Rheeder and Van Steenbergen also understand the importance of giving back to the communities they visit. The show frequently features segments where the riders work with local organizations to preserve natural habitats, plant trees, and help with other conservation efforts. This not only underscores their commitment to sustainability and environmentalism but also highlights the importance of respecting the lands they ride on.

Overall, The unReal World from Outside TV Features is an action-packed, pulse-pounding show that's not to be missed. Rheeder and Van Steenbergen are both incredible athletes, and their friendship and camaraderie are truly inspiring. The show is a celebration of the human spirit and the amazing things we can achieve when we push ourselves – and each other – to be our best.

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The Bear
8. The Bear
June 21, 2016
For the last scene of the unreal project, the team will bring every rider's worst fear to life and have Tom VanSteenbergen chased by a seven foot tall, 500 pound grizzly bear.
Night to Day
7. Night to Day
June 21, 2016
The Unreal production team will head to the world-renowned Cost Gravity Park to shoot the opening of their film, a scene where Brett Rheeder will ride from the dark into the morning light.
The One Shot
6. The One Shot
June 21, 2016
To capture the flow of a single trail the UnReal production team will build a slopestyle to downhill course for two-time World Freeride Champion, Brandon Semenuk and attempt to shoot the entire line in one shot.
The Dirt Blizzard
5. The Dirt Blizzard
June 21, 2016
The UnReal production team sets out to bring a blizzard of dirt to the Whistler Bike Park bringing the wintertime dream of fresh tracks to the summertime trails.
The Drift Track
4. The Drift Track
June 21, 2016
As the UnReal production team continues on their mission to make the worlds most elaborate mountain bike film, they set their sights on a custom built trail designed for two of the world's fastest riders.
The Glacier
3. The Glacier
June 21, 2016
After wrangling the herd in Wyoming the UnReal team heads to the Pemberton Icecap in British Columbia to put the rubber to the ice and see if they can ride their bikes on the glacier.
The Front Flip
2. The Front Flip
June 21, 2016
After riding their bikes with a herd of thirty horses, the production crew at TGR and Anthill have turned their sights to a 70 foot gap jump built for Tom Vansteebergen to go as big as he has ever gone on his bike.
The Stampede
1. The Stampede
June 21, 2016
For the first shoot of UnReal project, the team at TGR and Anthill head to the Turtle Ranch where they will ride a ridge with a herd of thirty horses.
  • Premiere Date
    June 21, 2016