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  • 2009
  • 2 Seasons

Training with Pros is a television show produced by VIP Productions [CA], starring fitness experts Trevor Hames, Jeff Sanderson, and Lyzabeth Lopez. The show first aired in 2009 and ran until 2012. Training with Pros is a reality series that follows Hames, Sanderson, and Lopez as they train and coach individuals who wish to transform their health and fitness levels through personalized workout plans.

Each episode of Training with Pros features a different client who is seeking to achieve a specific fitness goal. Hames, Sanderson, and Lopez work with the client to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and then create a customized workout and nutrition plan to help them reach their goals. The show focuses on the client's progress over a period of time, with regular check-ins to track their progress and adjust the plan as necessary.

The show features a variety of workout styles, including weightlifting, cardio, and functional training. The trainers also emphasize the importance of proper nutrition and healthy eating habits, offering advice on meal planning and food choices.

One of the unique features of Training with Pros is the way it showcases the trainers' different approaches to fitness. Hames, Sanderson, and Lopez each have their own methods and philosophies when it comes to training, which allows viewers to see a range of techniques and strategies in action. Despite their differences in style, the trainers all share a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals and live healthier lives.

Throughout the series, viewers are able to get to know each of the trainers personally, as well as some of their clients. The show offers glimpses into their personal lives, demonstrating the trainers' dedication to fitness both in and out of the gym.

Training with Pros is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their fitness level. The personalized approach to coaching ensures that viewers can learn from the trainers' methods and apply them to their own workouts. Additionally, the variety of workout styles and emphasis on nutrition make the show a well-rounded resource for anyone looking to make a lifestyle change.

Overall, Training with Pros is an engaging and informative reality series that offers a unique look at the world of personal training. With expert guidance from fitness professionals Trevor Hames, Jeff Sanderson, and Lyzabeth Lopez, viewers are able to witness firsthand the incredible results that can be achieved through dedication and hard work.

Training with Pros is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on April 10, 2009.

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Firas Zahabi - Part 2
10. Firas Zahabi - Part 2
May 30, 2010
Host Jeff Sanderson rides to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to train with Georges St. Pierre's Head Coach Firas Zahabi at Tristar Gym. Also, Jeff appears on an episode of MMA Meltdown with Gabe Morency to discuss the season.
Firas Zahabi Part 1
9. Firas Zahabi Part 1
April 18, 2010
Host Jeff Sanderson rides to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to train with Georges St. Pierre's Head Coach Firas Zahabi at Tristar Gym. In this two part episode, Firas demonstrates jiujitsu, boxing and Muay Thai techniques, Georges was kind enough to spare a couple minutes to chat with Jeff. After training they head to the "Affliction" Party in Montreal, featuring their models from Los Angeles.
8. Will "Leon" Romero
March 7, 2010
Jeff trains with MMA Fighter Will "Lion" Romero and his Coaches Alin Halmagean and Nick Johnston, and training partners Josh Hill, Lyndon Whitlock at Iron Tiger Muay Thai.
7. Josh "The Gentleman" Hill / Alin Halmagean
February 28, 2010
Jeff Sanderson trains with MMA fighter Josh "THe Gentleman" Hill s he prepares for his next fight at the W-1 Championships in Quebec.
Syd Barnier
6. Syd Barnier
February 14, 2010
Host Jeff Sanderson trains with MMA Fighter Syd Barbier in Niagara Falls, Canada as he prepares for his next fight.
Joel Gerson - Part 2
5. Joel Gerson - Part 2
February 6, 2011
Host Jeff Sanderson continues his training with 5 x Canadian Jiu Jitsu Champion Joel Gerson, where they work on different techniques for inside the ring, and some Krav Maga, self-defence techniques too.
Joel Gerson - Part 1
4. Joel Gerson - Part 1
January 30, 2011
Host Jeff Sanderson trains with 5 Time Canadian Jiu Jitsu Champion Joel Gerson at his gym Revolution MMA.
3. Carlos "The Ronin" Newton
January 10, 2010
Host Jeff Sanderson steps into the cage with Canada's first UFC Welterweight Champion Carlos "The ROnin" Newton. Carlos beats on Jeff for a couple hours, nearly breaking Jeff's nose and separating his shoulder.
2. Michael "The Black Sniper" McDonald
January 17, 2010
Host Jeff Sanderson trains with three-time, USA Grand Prix K1 Kickboxing Champion Michael "The Black Sniper" McDonald. The Black Sniper puts Jeff through his toughest work out of the entire season!
Mike Strange
1. Mike Strange
January 3, 2011
Host Jeff Sanderson participates in a women's cardio-boxing class, run by 3 x Canadian Olympic Boxing Champion Mike Strange.
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Training with Pros is available for streaming on the VIP Productions [CA] website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Training with Pros on demand at Amazon.
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    April 10, 2009