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  • 2011
  • 5 Seasons
  • 8.4  (38)

Ultimate Rush is an adrenaline-fueled TV show that follows the most exhilarating and daring extreme sports and stunts from around the world. Produced by Red Bull, the show has been running from 2011 to 2017 and is a must-see for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts.

The show begins by introducing the athletes and thrill-seekers who push their limits to the extreme and demonstrate what it truly means to live life on the edge. Each episode features a different extreme sport or stunt, such as skydiving, base jumping, snowboarding, surfing, BMX riding, and even urban climbing.

Through stunning footage and intense action scenes, viewers get a front-row seat to the excitement and danger of these extreme sports. The show features incredible slow-motion shots, drone views, and GoPro footage that immerse viewers into the sports and stunts they're watching. Additionally, Ultimate Rush provides a brief history and background of each sport, as well as the athletes and their achievements.

One of the most notable segments of the show is the Red Bull Air Force, a team of professional skydivers and base jumpers who have been featured in many episodes. The team performs incredible stunts, such as landing on a moving plane or jumping out of a helicopter without a parachute. They also participate in BASE jumping stunts, such as jumping off the tallest buildings or objects in the world, often with just a small parachute or a wingsuit.

Another exciting part of the show is the series of urban adventures, which take place in various cities around the world. These stunts involve scaling skyscrapers, bridges, and other tall structures, and often, the athletes are at risk of getting caught by the authorities. The show documents the athletes' preparations, including strategically planning their routes of ascent and descent, as well as their execution of the stunt.

The show's hosts, such as Red Bull ambassador and professional ski racer Lindsey Vonn, often interview the athletes about their motivations and experiences. This provides viewers with a glimpse into the psyche of these extreme sportsmen and women and helps audiences understand what drives them to take such incredible risks.

Besides showcasing the athletes' incredible feats of athleticism and bravery, Ultimate Rush also focuses on the extraordinary locations where they take place. The show takes viewers to breathtaking places like the Swiss Alps, the fjords of Norway, and the beaches of Hawaii, among others. The stunning landscapes add to the visual appeal of the show and enhance the viewers' experience.

Overall, Ultimate Rush is a show that celebrates the ultimate human spirit of adventure, adrenaline, and desire to test one's limits. By highlighting some of the most extreme and exciting sports and stunts from around the world, the show inspires viewers to live life boldly and, most importantly, to pursue their passions and dreams.

Ultimate Rush is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (77 episodes). The series first aired on December 23, 2011.

Ultimate Rush
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Ultimate Rush is available for streaming on the Red Bull TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ultimate Rush on demand at and Redbull.tv.
  • Premiere Date
    December 23, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    8.4  (38)