Vanity Lair

This is a game show television series. In each episode three contestants are presented for a chance to live in the Vanity Lair mansion. A group of 10 people, who have already been selected as beautiful people, live in the Lair. Each episode features three people who will try to join this exclusive group. The lowest scoring of the three will be sent away immediately. The other two have a week to convince everyone in the Lair they belong there.

When the week is up, one of the three is sent packing. The remaining contestant must then convince the 10 to send one of their own home so the contestant can join the group.

Channel 4
1 Season, 11 Episodes
February 23, 2011
Game Show, Reality
Cast: Beatrix Von Bourbon
Vanity Lair

Vanity Lair Full Episode Guide

  • This programme catches up with the winner and key players to find out what they learnt from the experiment and how their views have changed since watching it.

  • The reality experiment hosted by Alexa Chung reaches its conclusion and the final winner receives £10,000

  • This week's experiment asks how honest the contestants are. They have to secretly ask questions of each other and then face a lie detector test.

  • This episode tests the residents' sense of romance. They each have to declare their feelings direct to camera, but how romantic do the rest of the group find them?

  • Tom is upset that Andrew was chosen to leave. So much so, that he declares Andrew as 'the most beautiful person' to have entered the lair and rates him more attractive than himself. Wow…

  • Jonny tries to explain to the others why he replaced Shani. He is aware the others are upset by his decision and that he may become unpopular as a result. Emmett, in particular, is very…

  • After Tony's departure, the atmosphere in the house improves significantly with all the girls sitting together and bonding.

  • Three new contestants arrive at the Lair but only student Helen and 'bohemian poet' Emmett make it through.

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