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  • 2015
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.8  (45)

Vintage Flip is a home renovation show that premiered on HGTV in 2015. The show stars husband and wife team Jessie and Tina Rodriguez, who have a passion for restoring homes to their former glory. The couple takes on dilapidated houses in Southern California, transforming them into stunning vintage homes that mix modern amenities with charming vintage design.

Each episode of Vintage Flip follows Jessie and Tina as they tackle a new renovation project. The show starts with the couple searching for a rundown property with potential. They look for homes with historic charm and interesting features, but also ones that are in need of some TLC. Once they find a house, they set to work creating a plan to bring it back to life.

The Rodriguezes use their experience and skills to make updates that blend seamlessly with the original style of the home. They preserve as much of the original architecture and design as possible, while also making necessary modernizations. The show strives to demonstrate the value of restoring old homes while maintaining their character, rather than tearing them down and starting from scratch.

Throughout each episode, viewers get an inside look at the renovation process, with detailed footage of each step along the way. The Rodriguezes showcase their attention to detail and skill in woodworking, painting, and decorating. They are not afraid to tackle difficult projects, such as restoring original stained glass windows or repairing damaged plaster walls.

One of the unique aspects of Vintage Flip is the couple's approach to design. Rather than attempting to modernize the entire home, they look for ways to incorporate vintage pieces and design elements. Jessie and Tina scour flea markets, antique shops, and estate sales for vintage decor and furniture that can be repurposed in the new space. The end result is a home that uniquely blends new and vintage elements.

Vintage Flip also focuses on the financial aspect of renovating an old home. The Rodriguezes carefully track their expenses and provide viewers with an estimate of the overall cost of the project. They also provide tips on how to save money while still achieving the desired result. The Rodriguezes demonstrate that restoring a vintage home can be a cost-effective option for homeowners looking to buy or renovate.

The show also features the Rodriguezes' working relationship. Jessie and Tina work well together as a team, leveraging their individual strengths to get the job done. Jessie is the primary contractor, while Tina focuses on design and decoration. They work alongside each other, with Jessie doing much of the heavy lifting while Tina adds the final touches of style.

In addition to showing viewers the renovation process, Vintage Flip also provides insight into the history and architectural style of the homes they work on. The Rodriguezes highlight the unique features of each home, and how they incorporate them into the renovation. They also discuss the history of the home and the surrounding neighborhood, providing context for the restoration.

Overall, Vintage Flip is an engaging and informative show that demonstrates the value of restoring vintage homes. The Rodriguezes' attention to detail and unique design approach make for an entertaining viewing experience. Their focus on cost-effectiveness and preservation of historic architecture will appeal to anyone interested in home renovation and design.

Vintage Flip is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on May 1, 2015.

Vintage Flip
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Tudor Cottage
14. Tudor Cottage
December 14, 2017
Jessie and Tina work to restore a Tudor Cottage home from 1923 in their hometown of Claremont, CA. Converted into various businesses over the years, the flip is completely gutted on the inside and barely resembles a home. The two set off to bring this former business back to its original, charming roots, but not without some unexpected challenges along the way.
Art Deco Bungalow
13. Art Deco Bungalow
December 7, 2017
Jessie and Tina dive into restoring a 1923 art deco bungalow in Ontario, CA. While the property is in a great neighborhood, the house itself is a confusing mishmash of styles. Will Jessie and Tina be able to sift through decades of renovations and bring this charming bungalow back to its 1920s roots?
Postwar Building Boom
12. Postwar Building Boom
November 30, 2017
Jessie and Tina roll up their sleeves and take on a 1952 postwar home in Covina, California. This house has a rich, industrial history ready to be restored, but problems lurk around every corner. Will they be able to bring back this home's simple, streamlined design and manage to make a profit?
Spanish Hacienda
10. Spanish Hacienda
November 9, 2017
Jessie and Tina tackle a 1936 Spanish hacienda home in an expensive Long Beach, CA, neighborhood. The kitchen and bathroom need a full remodel, and the couple hopes to bring back the home's charm without going over budget.
Queen Anne Victorian
9. Queen Anne Victorian
October 12, 2017
Jessie and Tina restore an 1899 Queen Anne Victorian in Redlands, CA.
Early California Homestead
8. Early California Homestead
July 13, 2017
Jessie and Tina have closed on a huge house on the historic register in Ontario, Calif., and they're excited to get started on this 1918 homestead.
1950s Ranch
7. 1950s Ranch
July 6, 2017
Jessie and Tina are restoring an abandoned ranch home in West Covina, Calif. that was built in 1952 during Southern California's car culture boom, and they are excited to channel a vintage car theme in the home's design.
Midcentury Ranch
6. Midcentury Ranch
June 29, 2017
Jessie and Tina restore a 1959 midcentury modern dream house in Upland, Calif. with vaulted ceilings, huge windows, and open floor plan, and streamlined exterior.
Prairie Cottage
5. Prairie Cottage
June 23, 2017
Jessie and Tina purchase a small one-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage in the up-and-coming downtown area of Pomona, Calif., and want to reconfigure the 1907 home to add a second bedroom and bathroom.
Spanish Salvage
4. Spanish Salvage
June 15, 2017
A couple takes a risk in buying a 1925 Spanish home in LaVerne, Calif., before seeing the inside.
Stately Craftsman
3. Stately Craftsman
June 8, 2017
Jessie and Tina purchase a massive Craftsman in a desirable neighborhood of Claremont, Calif., that has been a fixture of the area ever since 1914, but desperately needs renovation.
Railroad Tract
2. Railroad Tract
June 2, 2017
While Tina goes out of town, Jessie comes across a quaint home in downtown Upland, Calif., that was built in 1924 and sits across the street from an old railroad station.
Western Craftsman
1. Western Craftsman
May 25, 2017
Jessie and Tina tackle the renovation of a 1912 Craftsman-style bungalow in San Dimas, Calif., a community with a small town feel and unique architecture.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 1, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (45)