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The world's greatest thief, Carmen Sandiego, is on the loose, and it's up to two young detectives to find her.

Dove Channel
4 Seasons, 40 Episodes
May 2, 1994
Cast: Rodger Bumpass, Jennifer Hale, Scott Menville, Eric Monette
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Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? Full Episode Guide

  • In a rousing climax, Carmen must steal items from all over the world in hopes of ransoming Malcolm Avalon from the maniacal Lee Jordan.

  • Carmen's latest theft has her believing she has found her long lost father.

  • ACME's intrepid new techno whiz kid, Joshua, has a crush on Ivy.

  • When Carmen's henchman Mason Dixon bungles a robbery at Appomattox, he goes back in time to take Carmen's place as the world's greatest thief.

  • In the rousing climax to a three part story, Carmen works with Zack and Ivy to stop her evil nemesis, Dr. Maelstrom.

  • Carmen learns that Dr. Maelstrom, an arch enemy she arrested ten years ago, while an Acme detective, has escaped from prison.

  • In a flashback episode we see a young Detective Carmen Sandiego foil Dr. Maelstrom and his diabolical plan to raise and steal the Titanic.

  • Zack and Ivy learn the history behind the modern celebration of Halloween, when Carmen begins stealing some VERY strange items!

  • Carmen is 'kidnapped' by R. B. Traitor, a vigilante ex-judge who claims he's prosecuting her for stealing the Magna Carta.

  • It's a Globe Hopping Christmas Carmen, and the kids are leaving her the clues this time!

  • The three-parter culminates as the kids deduce Carmen's plan; to prove she is the greatest thief of all time: Past, Present, and Future!

  • Zack and Ivy track Carmen to the year 2101. The Chief doesn't recognize them and Carmen has become a world class hero!

  • Zack and Ivy infiltrate Carmen's secret training ground. They endure a game show-like training regimen, complete with a wise-cracking anti-chief.

  • Carmen Sandiego dies! The Chief goes into a series period of mourning, during which Zack and Ivy must crack Carmen's final clues.

  • A series of clues lead Zack and Ivy on an investigation that introduces them to several Native American Nations.

  • Carmen seems to have gone to the birds when all her clues lead Zack and Ivy to enlist the help of a comically nebbish junior ornithologist.

  • Carmen is captured in Hawaii... but when she breaks out of jail, Zack is sure their bad luck is because he lost his lucky rabbit's foot.

  • When Carmen steals a series of items, whose only link seems to be their connection to Frank L. Baum's Oz books, Zack and Ivy are on the case!

  • Carmen is stealing items that pertain to famous strategies and strategists throughout history.

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