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  • TV-Y
  • 1996
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (25)

An animated re-envisioning of Urmel's adventures on the island of Titiwu, based on the books by Max Kruse.

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26. Psychotricks
January 1, 1996
This time Swindleman and Slimeyer come to Happening disguised as travelling salesman with the plan to catch all the islanders.
Urmel Follows his Instinct
25. Urmel Follows his Instinct
January 1, 1996
After they have learned something about instincts the Animals think that they have to follow these natural voices inside".
On the High Seas
24. On the High Seas
January 1, 1996
Inspired by an old Jolly Roger pirate ship, Urmel, Shoehorn, Wawa and Pip plan a pirate adventure as well.
The Kidnapping
23. The Kidnapping
January 1, 1996
Swindleman and Slimeyer who have hidden on Happening already for 3 weeks kidnap Toots and bring her to the Winkelberg zoo.
The Treasure of the Blue Pirate
22. The Treasure of the Blue Pirate
January 1, 1996
By chance Urmel finds a gold ducat with an imprint of a one-eyed pirate on it.
Urmel and the Monster Turnip
21. Urmel and the Monster Turnip
January 1, 1996
While the Animals prepare for the gardening show,, the Professor is working in her lab on a potion which can make everything bigger.
Something's Cooking
20. Something's Cooking
January 1, 1996
Toots is doing a French chef's correspondence course and preparing a test. Unfortunately her master piece, the Truffle Puffle, deflates every time.
Urmel and the Beauty
19. Urmel and the Beauty
January 1, 1996
Helga, the Professor's niece arrives on the island. She is really beautiful and nearly everybody of the Animals except Urmel and Toots fall in love with her.
Urmel's Ark
18. Urmel's Ark
January 1, 1996
Because of the strong wind and rain on Happening Urmel gets the idea of looking for an ark to rescue the other Animals and the Professor.
Happening Sinks
17. Happening Sinks
January 1, 1996
Happening is struck by a several earthquakes which become stronger and stronger and endanger the whole island and its existence.
Watching Hour
16. Watching Hour
January 1, 1996
While Urmel plays football with Wawa and Pip he suddenly changes into a ghost by falling into a big white shirt toots has hung up on the clothes line.
Sherlock Urmel
15. Sherlock Urmel
January 1, 1996
Several things disappear on Happening. Inspired by the reading of Sherlock Holmes", Urmel tries to find out who's the thief.
Urmel Heads for the Sun
14. Urmel Heads for the Sun
January 1, 1996
While the Urmel and the other Animals are dreaming about flying to the sun to save it, the Professor is working on a solar flying machine.
The Monster Egg
13. The Monster Egg
January 1, 1996
One night a crater hawk lays its egg in the volcano crater on Happening and Urmel has to look after it.
The Anniversary
12. The Anniversary
January 1, 1996
While the Animals are on the island to set a play, the Professor went to Winkelberg to find some presents for the Animals.
Pip the Hero
11. Pip the Hero
January 1, 1996
Frustrated because he is ignored by everybody the little penguin decides to become famous by climbing the north face of Mount Tafelberg.
The Stolen Speech Drops
10. The Stolen Speech Drops
January 1, 1996
As the Professor is away for a week, Swindleman and Slimeyer go to Happening, steal the bottle with the speech drops from the Professor's lab.
The Secret oi the Cave
9. The Secret oi the Cave
January 1, 1996
A big typhoon headed for Happening forces the Animals and the Professor to take shelter in a cave.
Robot Rampage
8. Robot Rampage
January 1, 1996
On her birthday Toots gets a robot made by the Professor out of an old vacuum-cleaner and a toaster.
The Concert
7. The Concert
January 1, 1996
While the Animals are planning a concert with Sealyphant, Shoehorn has to lie in the Professor's bed as he has caught a cold.
Snap Happy Urmel
6. Snap Happy Urmel
January 1, 1996
The Animals are busy with the preparation for a sportsday while the Professor is sitting in her study gluing photographs in an album.
Tiddleypom out of her Mind
5. Tiddleypom out of her Mind
January 1, 1996
To prove the law of gravity, Pip and Urmel start a scientific experiment of their own.
Talking Plants
4. Talking Plants
January 1, 1996
A little cactus inspires Urmel to teach this plant to talk with the help of the Professor's speech-drops.
Urmel Down Under
3. Urmel Down Under
January 1, 1996
After a class where the Animals learned about Australia, Urmel plans to go Down Under by digging a hole there through the earth.
Hardly a Still Life
2. Hardly a Still Life
January 1, 1996
Toots, who has a talent of drawing, is doing a painting of Urmel in Wawa's shell.
Urmel on Ice
1. Urmel on Ice
January 1, 1996
While Tiddleypom is teaching Pip, Shoehorn and Wawa some tongue twisters in the Animals' Academy, Toots becomes a victim of another of the Professor's experiments.

An animated re-envisioning of Urmel's adventures on the island of Titiwu, based on the books by Max Kruse. Urmel is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1996.

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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 1996
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (25)