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In this drama, a deaf woman becomes an FBI agent, using her ability to read lips to perform covert surveillance operations. With the help of her hearing dog, Levi, she works in each episode to track down the bad guys and bring them to justice. The series debuted on PAX TV, a cable network devoted to family-oriented programming, in 2002. The series ended in 2005 when PAX decided to cease its production of original programming.

Dove Channel
5 Seasons, 77 Episodes
October 13, 2002
Cast: Deanne Bray, Yannick Bisson
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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Full Episode Guide

  • Sue's offered a new high-profile job at the FBI - but is torn when she realizes it means leaving her FBI friends behind. The real Sue Thomas makes a surprising return.

  • While investigating a bank robbery, Sue and the team discover it was robbed five years ago - has the robber returned to the scene of the crime?

  • Sue and the team are approached by a woman who claims she's witnessed a murder - but the case takes a turn when they discover the eyewitness has a disturbing secret of her own.

  • Sue is shocked to discover Troy (Deaf actor - and Deanne Bray's real-life husband - Troy Kotsur) has been arrested for armed robbery - a crime he swears he didn't commit.

  • When Sue and the team search for the source of a new designer drug, they cross paths with a win-at-all-costs Bounty Hunter (guest star Ron Lea from 'Doc').

  • When a drug-laden plane crashes outside of D.C., Sue and the team must track down the drug smugglers - but has someone beaten them to the evidence?

  • Sue and Jack investigate the kidnapping of a young woman - but when they track down the kidnapper, they find themselves pursuing an unexpected - and more dangerous - case.

  • When Sue, Jack and the team investigate a bomb explosion, they discover the only survivor - and witness - is a twelve-year-old boy (guest star Tyler Garcia Posey from 'Doc').

  • Sue is the only link between the FBI team and a rogue British agent with amnesia - but is the agent remembering more than he's letting on? Jack becomes close to an old flame.

  • When a mysterious photo memory stick is delivered to the FBI, Sue and the team must unravel its secrets, leading them on a twisty path to a mysterious stranger.

  • Sue and the team investigate the death of a Senator's son during a college fraternity hazing. But what appears to be a case of alcohol poisoning takes a surprising turn.

  • Sue is thrilled to reconnect with an up and coming Deaf sculptor. But when the woman becomes a murder suspect, Sue must determine 'did she or didn't she' commit the crime.

  • When Sue and the team track a serial murderer whose victims are powerful and successful women, Sue finds must match wits with the killer in a twisted game of 'Simon Says.'

  • Sue and Jack work with Sue's informant Howie and his 'partner in crime' Otis (guest star Jerome 'Junk Yard Dog' Williams of the New York Knicks) to stop a shipment of guns.

  • Sue goes undercover with Tony, a visiting FBI agent, in order to infiltrate a mafia family. But Jack becomes concerned because Tony doesn't always play by the rules.

  • Sue and the team get word of an upcoming act of Eco-terrorism - and, in order to prevent it, find themselves working with an 'email mole' (guest star Joel Sonnenberg).

  • When Sue and the team discover a cache of illegal VISAs, they track the makers to the 'black market' - only to make a disturbing discovery as to what's really for sale.

  • When Sue's snitch Howie witnesses a murder, Sue and Jack go undercover to investigate a mob connection. Bobby and Myles have the tougher assignment: babysitting Howie.

  • When Myles' sister's law firm is suspected of being dirty, Jack and Sue go undercover as lawyer and assistant to find out how deep the corruption goes.

  • When Sue and the team get a new lead in an old case involving the murder of a fellow agent, Jack vows to avenge his friend's death. Myles wars with his annoying neighbor.

  • Sue and the team must infiltrate an Asian gang, requiring Bobby to go undercover at the gang leader's nightclub - as an Elvis impersonator. Troy's estranged brother returns.

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