Witness to Jonestown

Witness to Jonestown is a documentary that explores the events surrounding the fate of the mysterious followers of Jim Jones that were killed by ingesting poison punch. The show shoots from hip with truthful and often disturbing accounts of a variety events that culminated in tragedy. The accounts from formers members of the Peoples Temple give the entire program an aura of reality that many attempt to distance themselves from.

1 Season, 1 Episode
November 9, 2008
Crime, Documentary & Biography, History
Cast: Terri Buford, Tim Carter, Bob Flick, Hue Fortson Jr.
Witness to Jonestown

Witness to Jonestown Full Episode Guide

  • Rare footage shot inside the People's Temple gives an insider's look at the tragic Jonestown Massacre that occurred in Guyana in 1978. Interviews with survivors attempt to shed light on how and why 900 Americans would follow one man to their deaths.

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