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WWE n.W.o The Revolution brings to life one of the most controversial times in professional wrestling. The mid 90s changed the WCW forever when good guys turned to the dark side and the ultimate renegade surprise was when Hulk Hogan dropped his colors of red and yellow and went to black and white with the nWo. The nWo was now being run and overseen by the Outsiders who have taken over, leaving the other superstars with no idea what will happen next as Hogan unleashes his rule and lets the WCW fans know there is a new player in town.

WWE n.W.o The Revolution is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on July 7, 1996.

Where do I stream WWE n.W.o The Revolution online? WWE n.W.o The Revolution is available for streaming on WWE, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch WWE n.W.o The Revolution on demand at iTunes online.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
July 7, 1996
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WWE n.W.o The Revolution Full Episode Guide

  • Mr. McMahon has injected a little poison into the WWE in the form of the n.W.o. Will the WWE find the antidote in two of the greatest stars in history, The Rock and Stone Cold?

  • Goldberg's battles with the New World Order continue as he fights Bret Hart on WCW Nitro. With the n.W.o nearby, can Goldberg overcome the odds and defeat The Excellence of Execution?

  • The infamous stun gun match! The sensational Goldberg is 173-0, one of the most illustrious streaks in the history of sports entertainment. But the n.W.o's Kevin Nash presents his toughest and most diabolical challenger yet.

  • With the cracks in the n.W.o foundations forming, both factions step into the brutal war games with WCW's most loyal Superstars. Only one man can emerge with a clear shot at the WCW Championship.

  • Unable to see eye to eye literally or figuratively, Sting and The Giant sever their tag team bond, with the winner of this main event match earning the rights to both Tag Team Titles and the right to pick a new partner.

  • The Macho Man has a chance to unseat the dominant Hollywood Hogan from his perch atop the WCW, but in a no-DQ match, Hollywood is sure to take advantage of Savage's knee injury.

  • After a controversial decision at Starrcade, an instant rematch has been declared for the very next night! Can Sting turn back Hollywood or will he own one of the shortest title reigns of all time?

  • A classic sports entertainment rivalry is renewed when two of the industry's biggest legends collide for the most prestigious prize in WCW. Can the Hot Rod settle the longstanding score between these two icons, or will Hollywood keep the gold in the n.W.o trenches?

  • The n.W.o takes over pay-per-view! At Souled Out 1997, the poisonous faction collided with WCW's best, but with the n.W.o's personal referee at Nash and Hall's disposal, the accomplished Steiner Brothers face a daunting challenge if they plan to emerge with the Tag Team Titles.

  • WWE fans know him as the 1-2-3 Kid and later, X-Pac, but in his n.W.o days, he left his mark on WCW as Syxx. In this rare classic against the Bounty Hunter, witness what happens when the n.W.o takes over Saturday nights!

  • Since their hostile takeover of WCW in the spring of 1996, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have run roughshod over WCW's tag team division. Booker T and Stevie Ray seek to put an end to their dominance.