WWE Superstar Collection: Shawn Michaels

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The "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels had an amazing run in the WWE and you can relive some of the final matches in his career with the WWE Superstar Collection. During his final run in the WWE, Michaels teams up with Triple H to reform Degeneration X, battles Chris Jericho, and faces The Undertaker's brother Kane in a no-disqualification match. Each match is featured in its entirety and includes epic moments from Wrestlemania!

1 Season, 4 Episodes
October 15, 2012
WWE Superstar Collection: Shawn Michaels

WWE Superstar Collection: Shawn Michaels Full Episode Guide

  • Mr. WrestleMania puts his legendary career on the line against the Phenom who is 18-0 on the grandest stage. With the iconic streak in jeopardy against the career of The Icon, something's gotta give! The WWE Universe is guaranteed to witness history. Could this be the last time The Heartbreak Kid laces up a pair of boots, or could he pull off a feat that eighteen men have failed to accomplish?

  • Shawn Michaels has taken down some of the biggest and baddest Superstars in WWE throughout his illustrious career, but perhaps none as fierce as the Big Red Monster, Kane. Weeks before facing Undertaker at WrestleMania, HBK must first survive the other half of the Brothers of Destruction in this Raw classic.

  • Weeks after defeating the Animal, Batista, at Backlash, Shawn Michaels renews his rivalry with Chris Jericho. The Heartbreak Kid is determined to answer harsh criticism from Y2J regarding his supposed fake injury. Is HBK healthy enough to outlast the outspoken Jericho?