WWE Superstar Collection: Rey Mysterio

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The WWE Superstar Collection: Rey Mysterio is the profile of one of the most unlikely pro wrestling superstars in our current generation. The diminutive Mysterio stands at only 5'6 and never goes into a match as the biggest competitor. Luckily for Mysterio not all matches are one with size and strength. Mysterio is a ring veteran who grew up learning his skills in the rings of the Mexican lucha libre scene. He parlayed that experience with his technical and high flying skills to make it to the very top of the business.

In matches scene in WWE Superstar Collection Mysterio faces off against top foes such as Edge, CM Punk, and Eddie Guerrero.

1 Season, 4 Episodes
June 28, 2009
WWE Superstar Collection: Rey Mysterio

WWE Superstar Collection: Rey Mysterio Full Episode Guide

  • After months of being tormented by the Straight Edge Society, Rey Mysterio must win or be forced to join the sanctimonious group. If victorious, the fan-favorite Mysterio earns the right to symbolically shave the head of the devious SES leader, CM Punk.

  • After being blind-sided by his former best friend Batista, the Ultimate Underdog now finds himself trapped inside a 15-foot prison with a caged Animal. Can Rey pull out enough of his aeriel assault to tame a ferocious opponent twice his size? If he can survive, he will be on the fast-track to a World Heavyweight Championship Match!

  • The electric Rey Mysterio is becoming one of the most prestigious Intercontinental Champions of all time, but an up-and-coming Superstar, Dolph Ziggler, has his sights set on the gold in an event known for crowning new champions. Two of WWE's most dynamic athletes are sure to keep the Universe on the edge of their seats.

  • Rey Mysterio vies for the Intercontinental Title but his pride is also at stake as the diabolical Chris Jericho has contrived a way to unmask the high-flyer in front of the entire WWE Universe. Will the master of the 619 be crowned champion once again, or will he lose his most prized possession and his dignity?