WWE Superstar Collection Zack Ryder

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Woo, woo, woo! Zack Ryder rose in the WWE by starting out with his tag team the Major Brothers and then eventually through a singles career on the show ECW. To help rise in the ranks of the WWE, Ryder would create his own YouTube show and become even more popular. All of his momentum is captured in a collection that features a ECW Championship match and a US Title match against Dolph Ziggler.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
July 28, 2009
WWE Superstar Collection Zack Ryder

WWE Superstar Collection Zack Ryder Full Episode Guide

  • Zack Ryder has risen through the ranks through unmatched creativity and ambition, but a singles title reign has eluded him. Will this be the night he finally breaks through?

  • In an attempt to tap into the psyche of the WWE Universe, the most popular star of this generation and one of the fastest rising stars in 2011 square off against each other. Who will garner the most support from the masses?

  • The long time face of WWE, John Cena pairs up with Internet Champion and rising star, Zack Ryder in a tag team match against the "Awesome Truth."

  • A Long Island/Hollywood Connection is formed when A-list celebrity Hugh Jackman stops by Raw to support his Broski, Zack Ryder, in a match against rival Ziggler.

  • An instant classic from Zack Ryder's early days competing against the top competition in ECW, including long time ECW Champion, Christian.