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Zombie House Flipping is a 2016 modern television reality show based on flipping neglected old houses that most house flippers would be scared of. The eight-episode series reflects on the challenges of flipping foreclosed and abandoned premises and transforming them into new places. The flipping team consists of Justin and his fellow expert renovators. They choose the worst dilapidated buildings and apply their skills to turn these horrific sites to beautiful homes that anyone would be proud to call home.

The show illustrates how working on every new task is mind-numbing and challenging. The team must work within time constraints and make tough renovation decisions that require huge monetary investments every time. In the new series, Marley accompanies the Zombie House Flipping crew through trash and weeds in a home backyard that is about to get flipped. Every member of the flipping team has their area of specialization from the leaking and sagging roofs to pipe problems and electrical wiring.

The drama that unfolds in every flipping episode is how much Keith (team builder) and Duke (designer) disagree on almost every renovation decision, but they finally get to stick the pieces together. Nothing is left out in the whole flipping process.

Zombie House Flipping is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on January 30, 2016.

Where do I stream Zombie House Flipping online? Zombie House Flipping is available for streaming on fyi, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Zombie House Flipping on demand at Philo, Amazon, Vudu, A&E, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Hoopla, Apple TV, FYI, Pluto TV online.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on fyi
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes
January 30, 2016
Cast: Ashlee Casserly
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Zombie House Flipping Full Episode Guide

  • A house that has withstood the test of nature needs some renovations.

  • The team's deal in renovating Duke's friend's zombie property went south after he kept meddling in the work.

  • A ratty house with a goofy layout has Keith fearing it’s a trap. But the team thinks the real payout on this flip will be how it increases market value to the neighborhood, where other zombies reside. They take on the challenge, which includes a pool that looks like a swamp, an insane roof surprise, and even a nosy neighbor’s drone that keeps harassing them, threatening to intrude on their open house and drive buyers away.

  • The team finds a zombie in a lower-budget neighborhood that promises some profit if they can keep its basic structure and focus on the finishing details. Keith keeps plotting grand designs in hopes of boosting the sales price, including a designer she-shed in the backyard. It leads to a bet between him and Justin over who has the best plan for the house and who will end up facing his worst fears.

  • Featuring a lakefront home that has a prime spot on the water, but also a horrible layout with a long, ugly residential wing designed like a live-in rehab clinic. Ashlee takes the lead on this big flip, but her grandiose designs threaten to blow the budget wide open. And when the team tries to rein her in, they sense some bitter pushback that they fear could tear the team apart.

  • The team finds a hurricane-damaged Zombie that already has a buyer lined up who’s willing to pay market value for a good flip. The problem is, he wants it ready in one month. The team must race to remove piles of debris left in the house, fend off rainy weather when their roofing permit gets delayed, and worst of all, risk losing their buyer if they can’t get the house finished on time.

  • The team finds a rundown house on a prime lakefront lot and see the potential for a nice six-figure payday. But this decaying home has become a haven for wild critters that keep throwing this flip for a loop.

  • This Zombie house is a literal stinker from years of cigarette smoke that has stained the walls and left a putrid smell throughout the property. But as the flippers make over this monster, things start smelling sweeter when they uncover clues to a hidden treasure. As costs of this tricky reno pile up, they hold out hope of striking it rich by unearthing a huge payday.

  • The team come across a "lurker" Zombie that looks okay on the surface, but soon reveals tons of hidden water damage under its skin.

  • When the team finds a ramshackle house down the street from a brand-new school opening in a couple months, they see a chance to cash in by creating a family-friendly oasis. A glut of plumbing and roof problems, plus a tree-toppling disaster, threaten to derail their plans and possibly miss their sales window before the school year starts.

  • Keith finds this house on a massive lot and convinces the team to take it on. They decide the best plan is to flip the house, split the lot, and sell the extra land.

  • The team decides to buy this tiny house on a huge lot with the intention of knocking it down and building two larger houses in its place. Duke thinks the plan is too risky and puts too much money on the line, so he pulls a stunt to change the plan.

  • When the team discovers this flea infested and rotten house with a sordid past, they all agree to take on the flip. But, scary stories surface from the neighbors and they soon find stolen goods at the house.

  • After Keith convinces the team to take on a giant zombie home, they learn that it sits on one of Orlando's historic districts, which forces them to follow specific guidelines.

  • When the team finds a tiny house overrun with critters, a skeptical Keith lets Ashlee take over as builder; Ashlee decides to replace the home's entire roof following a natural disaster.

  • Keith is skeptical about this tiny house overrun with critters; Ashlee takes over as builder; a natural disaster puts a giant branch through the house, the entire roof is replaced, and the team worries that this flip could be their first flop.

  • The team finds this perfect zombie near Lake Pineloch during an intense Orlando heat wave.

  • The team battle termites during a project in Florida and are forced to tent the house in order to replace the damage.

  • Keith, Ashlee and Duke decide to take on a house without a kitchen; other problems on the premises include a swampy pool and a mysterious burial site.

  • The team enters a run-down zombie house to find a microwave room full of TV dinner wrappers where the kitchen should be, a swampy pool and what looks like a grave in the backyard.

  • The team stumbles across a zombie house with two front doors, and they know that this will be a flip unlike any other; they have their work cut out for them turning the Frankenzombie into a cohesive home.

  • A canal-front home features sunken floors, junk-filled rooms, disgusting bathrooms and an addition that's literally falling off the house, forcing the team to create a new floor plan from scratch.

  • Justin believes a house situated on a corner will be easy to flip, until he learns that fast-moving vehicles often crash into the home's backyard.

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