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| | 1 hr 38 min | Horror

Tamara has a very tough time in life because of her looks. She is not pretty or attractive at all and therefore not received well in society. Tamara draws to witchcraft as an emotional outlet and begins to use rituals against her tormentors. She falls deeply in love with her teacher and other students in her class use her crush to plot a cruel prank against her. The students install video equipment in a hotel room and fake an invite from Mr. Natolly for Tamara to spend the night in a romantic encounter with him. Tamara undressed in front of the camera and once she is exposed Shawn enters the room to bully and taunt Tamara even more. A fight begins and Tamara is killed. Chloe, another student becomes very frightened ad wants to tell authorities. She too becomes a victim because the other students back mail her.

The students are severely shocked when the presumed dead Tamara walks into their class. She is beautiful and very attractive and the students are confused. The girls are now certain that Tamara was not really dead. They believe that she must have awakened and escaped from her grave over night. Strange things begin to happen. One of the kids watches a movie and Tamara makes her first supernatural appearance. She tortures the boy with his own issues of hurting himself by cutting and makes him feel the frightening experience of being buried. The torture of it all makes him behave in an extreme violent manner to himself and he begins to cut off body parts until he dies. Tamara goes on to attempt to seduce the teacher that she had such a crush on but he resists. She decides to deal with this later and proceeds to expose all the weaknesses of all her tormentors. The students begin to understand that Tamara's blood was spilled and that this activated a spell that she begun earlier but stopped because she didn't want to shed her own blood.

All parties meet on a hospital roof and finally Tamara takes control of Mr. Natolly. Tamara cannot hurt Chloe because she is innocent and this reveals to the tortured soul how cruel and horrible she herself has become. Tamara begins to revert back to her dead corpse stage. Mr. Natolly suddenly hugs Tamara and begins to kiss her passionately moves towards the roof until they both fall. Chloe and Allison are unharmed and ok but Kisha remains under the spell and takes possession of the spell book.

Jenna Dewan Tatum, Katie Stuart, Matthew Marsden, Chad Faust, Melissa Elias
Jeremy Haft
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