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The Dark Knight Rises is a super hero movie that came out during the summer of 2012. It is a sequel to the modern classic The Dark Knight. This movie is the third part of the Batman movie trilogy made by Christopher Nolan. In this movie, Batman/Bruce Wayne resurfaces after a hiatus of several years to help fight crime in Gotham City. During his comeback he goes up against new villains. These new villains are Bane and Talia al Guhl. The Dark Knight Rises was a very good and successful movie, however it was overshadowed by a tragic incident during it's opening night. As a result the movie was not promoted very much and therefore there was limited exposure about it. Despite this factor, the movie did very well at the box office and was almost as good and financially successful as its predecessor The Dark Knight.

When watching the Dark Knight Rises, viewers get to see a much older Bruce Wayne. He is living by himself in his Wayne Manor mansion with his butler Alfred. Wayne has been living in seclusion due to wealth but also because he is Batman and doesn't want to engage in the vigilante lifestyle anymore. Bruce Wayne was also still saddened by the death of a woman named Rachel Dawes who was a childhood friend and also a woman that he was in love with as well. While Bruce Wayne is on hiatus a new villain emerges in the city. The villain is known as Bane who is a member of the League of Shadows terrorist organization. He is a big and muscular man who wears a mask. Bane is looking to take over and destroy Gotham City. During the movie Bane has knowledge of Bruce Wayne and knows that he is really Batman. In order to eliminate Wayne's resources to remain as Batman, he works with a business rival of Wayne's and drains his financial resources. A woman named Talia al Guhl is also collaborating with the plot. She does her part by going under the guise of an executive at Wayne Enterprises.

When Bane attacks the city, Wayne resurfaces as Batman to help thwart a plot to rob the stock exchange. Over the course of the movie Batman also meets up with a woman named Selina Kyle who is also known as Catwoman. She is a burglar who works for various people to perform heists. Catwoman helps Batman track down and confront Bane. However in the first confrontation, Bane brutally defeats Batman and has him sent to a prison in another country. While Wayne is help captive in a foreign country, Bane begins to terrorize and blow up the city. He also tricks the law enforcement authorities to go into tunnel and then traps them so that they cannot interfere with his plans. However Bruce Wayne regains his strength and escapes the foreign prison to return to Gotham City. When he returns, he finds out that the female executive at Wayne Enterprises has activated a nuclear device that can completely destroy Gotham City. Batman has a final confrontation with Bane and this time he wins. With the help of Catwoman, Bane gets killed and then Batman looks to rid the city of the nuclear device and save the city. He succeeds. After Batman gets the device out of the city, he is believed to be presumed dead. However in the end he is spotted in Italy with Selina Kyle and living in retirement. One thing to note, is Wayne left the Batcave to a Gotham City detective who is believed to become Robin. So the movie ends with that possibility.

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Christopher Nolan
The Dark Knight Rises
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