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"China, IL" is on late night television. The series tells the stories of the residents of a small town in rural Illinois that get into the most insane situations imaginable. Anything and everything can go wrong in China, IL on any given day, depending on the circumstances; from outright bedlam to utter chaos in the streets that surround the local community college. Science fiction nonsense is possible that also happens in one or two episodes in the series leading to unusual outcomes. Little hints of the paranormal, regarding the ghost of a deceased professor is part of this series in an episode.

Many viewers will see parodies of movies in subtle ways, like in one episode when the Dean announces who will be on the dean's list. An innocent scavenger hunt quickly evoles into a fight for survival. Other situations that border on the criminal include blackmail, while others are just plain wrong. Former imaginary freinds that cause harassment is one situation that this series covers in the comical content. The utter nonsense of what goes on at the community college leaves viewers to wonder what will happen next, the fact being to expected the unexpected is greatly noted.

One key plot of an episode is an arm wrestling match to see who gets control of the school, after a dispute regarding scores to a math decathalon. This series is like eating a spiked brownie at a high school bake sale. The uproar and the wild antics of the students and faculty can make for great laughs. Prop comedy is part of the series being mentioned, which can been seen in a few excerpts from some of the episodes. Who knows what will happen when everything is turned upside down at a community college campus.

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  • In this one-hour musical episode, Baby Cakes wants a magical pet; Frank discovers why women find him unattractive; and Pony & Steve do horrifying things to prove to each other that they are good people.

  • Steve and Baby Cakes strike it rich, while Frank falls in love with a piece of a movie star.

  • Steve, Frank, Pony & Baby Cakes become life coaches for each other.

  • Frank proves his masculinity by challenging a boxing legend to a fight, while Baby Cakes and Pony battle in a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

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