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Originally made by a French studio, Code Lyoko is an animated series that takes place in two worlds. It uses 2D and 3D animation to tell the story of four friends at a boarding school. Between classes, and sometimes during them, the students must stop a powerful computer virus from taking over and destroying the real world. Jeremie, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi use a supercomputer to transport to the hidden digital world of Lyoko in order to stop the invasions of XANA. Aelita, resident of Lyoko, assists the friends from inside the digital realm. Their adventures are complicated by the common difficulties of junior high school life.

Lyoko is a digital world that resides in a supercomputer hidden in an abandoned factory. Jeremie accidentally found the supercomputer while looking for some spare parts. Transportation to Lyoko is accomplished with virtualization chambers connected to the supercomputer. Inside Lyoko each hero has a limited amount of Life Points. Loss of these Life Points causes an instant return to the real world. XANA utilizes digital interface towers in Lyoko to launch deadly attacks on the real world. In early episodes XANA is limited to invading inanimate objects such as teddy bears or tractors. This ability is later expanded to include human possession.

Ulrich, Yumi, and Odd transport into Lyoko while Jeremie monitors the supercomputer and XANA's attack on the real world. Each person gains a special ability upon entering Lyoko. They use these powers to combat the monsters sent by XANA. Ulrich uses a samurai sword and gains the ability to multiply to three copies of himself. Yumi wields a pair of metallic fans and gains telekinetic powers. Using her ability tends to drain her significantly. Odd's weapons are a pair of wrist-mounted laser arrow launchers. In Lyoko he has a degree of predictive abilities, getting brief flashes of danger to come. Aelita, as a resident of Lyoko, is able to make changes to the area via song. She is the only one that can enter the interface towers and shut down XANA's invasions.

Deactivation of infected towers stop the attack and block further attempts until another tower becomes infected. This also allows the a short hop back in time to the start of XANA's attack. This removes all evidence of the invasion and gives the friends a chance to slightly improve things in their personal lives. The only thing the temporal reset doesn't change is a death. The dead aren't revived by the time hop.

4 Seasons, 103 Episodes
October 26, 2016
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Code Lyoko
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  • Odd's parents come by for a visit. The youth grouses about his family to his friends (who are stunned at how nice, in fact, Odd's parents are), preferring to be in conflict with them like every other "normal" teenager. Meanwhile, Xana attacks, using mobile phone to make their owners particularly aggressive, thus fulfilling Odd's wish: his parents, victims of the possessed phones, are now looking to kill their son.

  • A recreation lounge room is unveiled for the students at the academy. William's body double, created by Jeremy to replace the Lyoko prisoner, is elected student manager. Unfortunately, this version of William has a major flaw: he is absolutely daft. With the clone's erratic stupidity attracting unwanted attention, Jeremy urgently runs a program to try and recover the real youth from Lyoko. But a bug stymies the program and Xana takes over the tower that controls William's clone.

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