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This television show is a comedy about two stepbrothers and the funny situations they get into at home and at school. The story takes place in San Diego, with the television family consisting of the two teenage boys, their younger sister, Megan, and their mom and dad. Drake and Josh aired on the Nickelodeon Channel from January 2004 to September 2007, giving it a 57-episode run, which was largely due to its huge popularity among teenage viewers.

Slapstick pratfalls, light-hearted humor and teenage situations make this show very appealing to kids of all ages. Megan, a pre-teen, continually pulls pranks on her brothers and always outsmarts them, even though the boys are several years her senior. Each episode revolves around the boys, with their hilarious sister appearing about half of the time, while their parents make limited appearances.

Much of the comedy derives from the differences between the two brothers; Drake is a suave, popular kid who is not as smart or clever as his brother Josh is, the more serious of the two. While the boys have differences between them, they always unite in retaliating against younger Megan, who is very sharp and seemingly light-years ahead of her brothers. Side-splitting humor abounds on this show, although, it leans toward teenage humor.

The show won many honors at the Kid's Choice Awards, which is similar to the Academy Awards, however, the voters are children. The Drake and Josh show went into syndication after its initial production run and now appears as reruns on cable television channels. Additionally, three made-for-television movies were made about these lovable, accident-prone brothers.

5 Seasons, 57 Episodes - Canceled
December 5, 2008
Comedy, Children
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Drake & Josh Full Episode Guide

  • Drake wins a free skydive off a helicopter and goes off to do it despite his parents saying no. Josh, being the good brother he is, tries to stop him, but ends up going along for the ride. This fun time in the sky are a true downer when they accidentally lose their pilot and things spin out of control.

  • The brothers enter a local dance contest, but Josh ends up solo when Drake steals his dance partner.

  • Soon after landing a recording deal, Drake fires Josh as his manager when Josh signs away creative control on a song. To spend more time with Josh, Mindy gets a job at the movie theater, which backfires when their boss makes her assistant manager.

  • After Bellview High nerd, Eric Blonnowitz accidentally punches Drake he finds a newfound world of fame, popularity and girls. Josh has problems of his own when he suspects Mindy may have a new boyfriend.

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