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"From Martha's Kitchen" is the hit television program hosted by acclaimed author and home expert Martha Stewart. In each episode Martha will guide viewers through the essential kitchen tools, also expert cooking techniques to help make each dish turn out like it was on a magazine cover. She also helps viewers by giving expert advice on proper outdoor cooking techniques on both charcoal and propane barbeque grills. One unique perspective into world cuisine are the field trips that Martha takes to restaurants and small factories that produce unique global foodstuffs that can not be found elsewhere.

When not going on field trips, she is in the kitchen showing the viewers at home how to make signature baked goods that can be found in her cookbooks. Martha goes through each step of the baking process, along with time saving tips that help in baking pies, cakes and cookies. Along with baking are other forms of cooking that include techniques for preparing dishes that involve meat, fish and vegetables. She also speaks with world famous chefs about what they can tell her viewers about preparing dishes that are five star restaurant quality. Her past experience of writing cookbooks comes through on this daytime program that includes special guests that help out in the kitchen. Knowing Martha Stewart, she is always cooking up something in her kitchen on any given day.

Viewers can look at some of her show's episodes on viral videos to understand how certain dishes are made. Stewart has many suggestions for gifts that involve baked goods, candy and ready to mix drinks that are a perfect idea for the last minute gifts on special occasions. Watch her show today and learn something about cooking or baking that's available today.

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6 Seasons, 157 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
October 26, 2016
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  • Create standout recipes with celebrated chef, Jody Adams, including wafer-thin parchment bread, and one of her signature dishes, duck with a green olive and balsamic sauce.

  • Authentic Moroccan cuisine, from Martha Kitchen. Chef Moha Orchid joins Martha with his techniques for demystifying the complexities of Moroccan cooking with his aromatic recipes for two classic tagines brimming with vegetables.

  • Exotic fruits and spices. Discover a perfect use for persimmons - a delicious chutney - and a date whose destiny is to be the perfect appetizer. Travel to meet the ultimate spice collector.

  • Learn four quick cook dishes that take just minutes to prepare. Join Martha as she teaches Martha Stewart Television's editor, Dan Durand, how to make an impressive roasted chicken dinner for his family, and learn all about the technique for pan frying.

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