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Martha Stewart living is a life style brand channel that is part of the Martha Stewart media Empire. The channel is basically aimed at women and has a number of different life style features and is very similar to Oprah's O network, Lifetime Network and The W and other television channels that are primarily aimed at women. In this article we will go over a few of the categories that are featured on the Martha Stewart Living television network.

Arts and Crafts

From helping your kids with school projects to building beautiful floral arrangements and decorating your home one of the the biggest areas that Martha Stewart Living goes over are arts and crafts. This includes shows that literally show one how to do specific things like create a table setting or how to properly line up your silverware for dinner. This aims to help women create a more warm and welcoming home. There are also numerous shows that are dedicated to the origins of these crafts and how they evolved to where they are today.

Food Preparation and History

This is what Martha Stewart became famous for- creating great food. Much like rival food networks there are many shows who's sole focus is making and eating food. Martha and other like minded hosts will walk viewers step by step to making some of the best food possible. They will also help the viewer to understand how these recipes came about and who first ate this food, when and why.