From Martha's Garden

From Martha

Martha Stewart Living
1 Season, 14 Episodes
January 10, 2002
Home & Garden, How To, Learning & Education
From Martha's Garden

From Martha's Garden Full Episode Guide

  • Discover the joys of armchair gardening. Dream up next year's garden with Martha's favorite catalogs and seed-starting kit. Learn how copper bird feeders are made. Plus, a lesson in different bulbs, corms, rhizomes, and tubers.

  • Take your gardening to new heights: Discover how to grow beautiful plants in the cracks and crevices of a stone wall. Plus, learn techniques for watering and repotting that will keep houseplants thriving.

  • Explore the enchanting world of terrariums: Martha shares her techniques for creating an intriguing miniature garden in a glass container. Plus, discover some unusual varieties of ivy that can be enjoyed indoors or out.

  • Learn from the ground up as Martha shares two of her best gardening tips -- her potting soil recipe and how she pest-proofs her vegetable garden. Plus, discover the perfect way to start garden plants from seeds.

  • Martha learns industry secrets from a horticultural expert. Discover the best techniques for growing perennials from seeds. Plus, Martha gives a frond by frond lesson in ferns.

  • Martha travels to Texas and visits Peckerwood Gardens, an oasis of rare and amazing beauty. Then, a visit to Yucca Do, a nursery in Texas specializing in plants that thrive in hot environments.

  • Martha experiments with plants that don't need a lot of water: Discover just how lush an arid landscape can be. Get inspired by a legendary garden designer. Learn to make a stunning centerpiece from a planter of Easter lily cactus.

  • Discover the art of creating beautiful topiary hedges and rings at home. Plus, see how easy it is to force bulbs and grow hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils all year long.

  • Martha explores tropical Southern Florida and meets with orchid growers. She learns all about bromeliads, banyan trees and palm trees at Fairchild Garden, home of the world's largest palm collection.

  • Martha helps demystify the weather report with meteorologist Craig Allen. Get practical answers about the difference between high pressure and low, how cold fronts move in, and how to forecast the weather from your own home.

  • Take a trip with Martha to the poultry show at the fair in Bloomsburg, PA, and learn all about unusual breeds of birds. Then, take a tour of Martha's chicken coops.

  • Martha Stewart explores the compelling world of orchids: Renowned orchid expert Glafkos Keramidas shows how easy orchids are to care for and shares his professional techniques for repotting.

  • Martha Stewart travels to Seattle to discover gardens that thrive in the Pacific Northwest. Learn about rare and exotic plants at Heronswood Nursery, and experience the magic of the velvety moss garden at Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island.

  • Martha journeys to Aalsmeer, Holland, the flower capital of the world, where she tours the world's largest flower exchange and visits with a family of tulip growers. She then returns to the studio and shares magnificent floral arranging techniques.