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Ghost Hunters International is a reality-type television show that follows a team of paranormal researchers across the globe on their mission to gather evidence or debunk claims of ghosts and spirits. This show is a spinoff of the original series that followed a team of adventurers across locations in the United States; therefore, the international theme allows exploration of some of the more exotic locations around the globe.

Each episode follows a set formula. Initially viewers are presented with a short background of the location to be investigated, and then a camera crew films the team setting up their various cameras that will be used in the ghost hunt. Once the overview and setup are complete, the series then follows Barry, Kris, Paul, Susan, and Joe as they explore the location trying to make contact with the paranormal. Upon completion of the investigation, the team dissects any evidence caught in order to present it to the client.

Because of the international element, locations like castles, hotels, old forts, and even jungles are featured regularly. The team uses a variety of technological equipment in their search to support or disprove claims. The cast regularly takes a step back to analyze what exactly could be causing that phantom sound, which means they do not first jump on paranormal.

While Ghost Hunters International is primarily seeking evidence of ghosts and other paranormal entities, the series is as much about looking for open doors that cause vacuums, creaking floors, and the play of light along windows that could cause some sort of phenomenon that tricks people into thinking they are experiencing something out of the normal.

Many times there is an explanation for the claims at a given location, but often the team is left with no other option but to brand an experience paranormal. However, instead of just slapping a haunted tag on a site, the team uses experience, analysis, and even attempts to repeat experiences before making a classification. That formula makes the show entertaining, and even a bit informative.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
3 Seasons, 62 Episodes - Canceled
January 9, 2008
Documentary & Biography, Reality
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Ghost Hunters International Full Episode Guide

  • In the third season finale, the team investigates Lower Fort Garry in Winnipeg and British Columbia's Hell's Gate.

  • The team investigates the Belgian fortress of Antwerp and a 16th-century Italian villa.

  • The team heads to American Samoa to investigate an abandoned all girls' school where claims that the spirit of the Samoan Chief possessed and killed schoolgirls.

  • The team heads to San Ignacio, Belize to help a man who is being tormented by spirits haunting the Mayan Ruins of Cahal Pech. He believes they may be following him home.

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