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George is a self-absorbed television executive who has been pretty miserable throughout his life but has managed to do well for himself financially. Now he is stuck for series ideas, so he decides to pitch himself - specifically, the idea of a reality TV show focusing on him and his relationship with a much younger model named Claire. The network agrees, but only if Claire moves in with him, which freaks him out because of his fear of commitment. He decides to ask her, though, and she complies, but she brings her dog along with her, and much mayhem ensues.

4 Seasons, 77 Episodes - Canceled
Good Dog!
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  • Stanley helps Misha safety-proof her Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Cross, helps Sue Ellen Fast and Theo protecting her newly acquired dog from hazards of Christmas. He also provides a way of keeping your dog away from the Christmas tree.

  • Stanley helps Judy and Harry whose Labrador refuses to be recalled when having a good time playing with other dogs, shows Peggy and Peter how to teach their Bernese Mountain Dog to retrieve and advises on choosing retrieving toys for dogs.

  • Stanley gives Bev a list of symptoms that would indicate an immediate trip to the vet for her Standard Poodle, shows Matthew how to stop his Border Collie from compulsively licking her skin and gives a tip on putting ointments on your dog.

  • Stanley shows Noah how to keep the ears of his Newfoundland Cross clean and free from germs, shows Lynne how to clip the toenails of her Golden Retriever, and shows how to stop the bleeding if by chance you clip the nails too close too the quick.

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