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The Canadian television series Kink documents the lives of different individuals and couples. This series documents the story of people's sexual kinks that are part of their everyday lives. In each episode viewers get to experience how people's lives are being affected by their sexual desires and needs.

Kink was picked up by Vancouver's Paperny Films. It aired in 2001 with its first season. With its compelling segments episode after episode this television series has reached up to its fifth season. Its latest season aired in the year 2006. Some areas of filming for this series include Vancouver, Canada, Halifax, Toronto, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia. The individuals in each episode share their innermost sexual desires to the world. They openly tell their life story and open the viewers eyes to sexuality. Each episode observes their sexual desires and goes deeper into the childhood, daily routines, and the rituals and sexual objects connected to their kinks.

During the initial plot lines of Kink viewers meet several individuals. Fanny and Fogg are dedicated individuals who enjoy sexual intimacy through inflicting humiliation and pain to each other. In their documentary they introduce viewers the joy that sadomasochism can have in a relationship. Stephen is introduced in this episode as a bisexual business owner of a salon. His story focuses on him experiencing a pleasurable life and preparing for a drag show in the community. David is introduced as the gay man in pursuit of his ideal soul mate.

A co-production of Vancouver Paperny Films. Kink is on its fifth season. Seasons one, two, three, and five each aired 13 episodes. Season four aired 11 episodes. The series was shown on Showcase and distributed by Showcase Television and Virgil Films & Entertainment.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
April 1, 2001
Documentary & Biography, Arts & Culture
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Kink Full Episode Guide

  • Everyone heads to the NorthBound Leather Ball -- an annual fetish extravaganza -- and make plans for the future.

  • It's Pride Weekend and Nina is in charge and on the go; Todd is busy producting a one-of-a-kind pageant; and Rowan has a plan to humiliate Diane.

  • Lynda has an unsettling encounter with her manicurist; Nina contemplates the nature of love; Mistress Demonika catches up on work.

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