Watch TV Shows on Showcase

Showcase is a Canadian English language television network. It is a Class A network, which means that it may not compete with existing networks, and other networks may not be created that compete with it. Additionally a certain percentage of the programing must be Canadian in origin. The network's primary focus is scripted works of fiction, both television series and film. The channel is owned by Shaw Media and has been broadcasting since January 1st 1995.

The network was created in order to help fill a gap in Canadian programming by providing viewers access to some of the best independent films and TV shows from Canada and around the world.

While the network broadcasts a wide range of programing, much of it previously aired, or first runs produced and aired in other countries or is co-commissioned with other networks, most of the original programming aired by the network is science fiction and fantasy oriented.

One of the most popular programs that is aired by the network is Lost Girl,which is co-produced with the Syfy channel. It is a science fiction show about a modern day, bisexual Succubus named Bo, who is learning to control her supernatural abilities. Other popular original and first run shows include Trailer Park Boys, a low budget momentary comedy series about the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, and has spawned two feature films.

In addtion to original programming, Showcase also features the first run or reruns of popular series that are not aired on other channels in Canada.