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La Isla also known as La Isla: El Reality which follows three teams: the green team (the famous), the orange team (the celebrities) and a blue team (the unknown). The teams compete each week in various tests that will test a lot of their qualities to points they never imagined before in which each team will have to unite among its members to defeat the other team and the team that sees itself in last place has to vote one of their teammates off at the end of the day after becoming friends among themselves. There is also a territorial game to see which team gets to stay in what sleeping quarters, this are the Playa Alta which has all the needs and luxuries such as beds, potable water, food, bathrooms, etc. Playa Media which has hammocks to sleep and basic food and the Playa Baja where they don't have anything and have to look around the island to find their needs and such.

The reality television show was first aired in August as a Mexican version of the Colombian reality show el Desafio which was created by Caracol. This Mexican version was produced in combination by BE-t and Azteca. Each episode lasted forty-five minutes and only one season has come out with a total of 50 episodes. The teams start being six players each which will not only make new friends and colleagues but will also test their physical and mental abilities as well as their emotional ones.

This is a great sow for the entire family as it will have every member of it holding out for suspense as they cheer for their favorite team and players as they participate in the different games. The viewer will feel a lot of different emotions as they wonder how it would be if they were the ones doing the tests and wondering how they would solve them. The viewer will see how new friendships are born and later destroyed.

Azteca America
1 Season, 58 Episodes - Canceled
La Isla
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  • Hoy conoceremos al ganador de este gran Reality.

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  • En un cara a cara se sabr'á quién es el último participante en abandonar la Isla antes de la gran final.

  • Los momentos inolvidables que quedar'án para siempre en la memoria de La Isla.

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