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Vecinos is a Columbia based tele-novella in spanish that started airing in 2008. Vecinos, translated as Neighbors, is about the life of a modest taxi driver, Oscar, played by Robinson Diaz, who is in love with this neighbor Tatiana, played by Flora Martinez. Tatiana and Oscar are from different social classes and this brings obstacles for his conquest.

Oscar won the lottery and bought himself an apartment in a fancy building where he met Tatiana who is engaged to another man, Rodolfo. He keeps his job and uses it to his advantage in his pursuit for Tatiana.

His change of lifestyle got him the attention of Jessica, his girlfriend, who desperately wants him to marry her so she can get her hands on his fortune. It also got him the rejection of his other neighbors who felt he did not belong. Oscar however has the support of his mother and friends that help him overcome his problems.

3 Seasons, 105 Episodes
July 10, 2005
Cast: Eduardo España, Macaria, MayrÑn Villanueva, Moisés Suárez

Vecinos Full Episode Guide

  • Arturo Lopez takes out a loan. Pao and Ro return for their son, but Luis refuses, so they demand the boy make up his mind whom he wants to go with.

  • Magda has to remodel the building because Margarita is coming. Pedro starts working at Neto's store, and Casimiro comes to help the remodeling.

  • A car crashes into the building, and Frankie has evidence of what happened. The guilty party offers cash in exchange for the video, but he wants more.

  • Benito goes on foreign exchange, and Patricia takes his place. The director speaks highly of her, but only so he can get rid of the dangerous girl.

  • Luis' car breaks down, and Germán recommends a mechanic, but he has some trouble with him and decides to confront him.

  • A filmmaker comes and Germán asks for time off. Some neighbors are hired as extras, and Frankie wants in. Silvia thinks she's found a boyfriend.

  • Silvia's cousin comes to invite her to her bachelorette party, but she realizes the groom is an ex of hers.

  • Lorena decides to start working as a saleswoman to get her family out of the crisis and calls on the neighbors to sell her products.

  • Luis decides to hire a babysitter to take care of Luisito; a pretty one, according to Pedro. The girl is a gossip, and she's suspicious of them.

  • Magda impresses Margarita telling her she lives like a wealthy person, and then she gets in debt to keep up appearances.

  • Some nuns offer the neighbors the Miracle Boy doll. They refuse but change their mind when they find out a neighbor won the lottery thanks to him.

  • After Silvia's failed marriage, Luis is still in love with her, and her ex leaves her with a baby. Magda and Alejandra aren't talking to each other.

  • One of Frankie's scripts lands him an opportunity, and Silvia, who goes to the shoot, is blown away by one of the actors.

  • Don Severiano, an older man, is interested in Silvia and sends her gifts. Magda demands Arturo look for a night job, and he gets a job as a mariachi.

  • Luis tells Pedro to fill in the hole in the bathroom occupied by Tona the rat. Germán does the job... then throws the extra cement down the drain.

  • Silvia has to take care of a dog and runs into trouble with the neighbors. Frankie accidentally takes one of Luis's shirts at the cleaner.

  • Magdalena wants a pet, and Arturo gets her a talking parakeet. Later, Arturo says his boss is coming to dinner, and Pedro teaches the bird bad words.

  • Germán goes on vacation and Luis is left in charge of turning on the water pump, but the neighbors take advantage of him.

  • Germán generates a conflict between Don Roque and Pancho. He orders Magdalena's gas tank filled, but confuses it with Silvia's.

  • Magda buys a piano on Arturo's credit, and the neighbors are annoyed when she starts using it. Germán does a mediocre job fixing up a room to rent.

  • Luis invites his girlfriend Paola to the apartment, and she talks about her ex the whole time. Pedro tries to convince Luis she's no good for him.

  • Arturo inherits a cotton candy machine, but Magda kicks him out. Frankie wants to put the machine to good use.

  • Roque tells everyone he's receiving an award. The beggar isn't getting any money, so he works with Benito to pretend he's blind.

  • Two officers collect the security fee, but Magdalena doesn't pay. When they get home, Arturo sees the door's been tampered with, and they get robbed.

  • The rumor is circulating in the building that Silvia is lonely. She decides to open up and talk with a friend, but he's no knight in shining armor.

  • Magdalena receives a letter from an old boyfriend. Germán hears her making an appointment with a friend and tells her husband.

  • Germán paints Don Roque's apartment and makes a mistake. Frankie tries to sell a script, unaware that it's Benito's work.

  • The neighbors call Luis to be head of the block, but Chilacas, the head of the gang, runs for the job as well, and Germán eggs them both on.

  • The owner of the building leaves her niece in charge of the administration, and her first act is to raise the rent. The neighbors are worried.

  • Silvia buys a fine sofa, and Magdalena orders the same one out of envy. Her husband isn't happy and wants to return it, but they don't accept returns.

  • The delegation demands the building be painted, as they've already delivered the paint, but the neighbors and the maintenance man have used it all.