Mujeres Asesinas

The series Mujeres Asesinas shows despair, pain and even hatred that may feel some women when facing several painful situations in life, getting them to commit the most horrendous crimes against their offenders. Taken from real-life cases, Mujeres Asesinas is based on true events, masterfully interweaving plots of intrigue, suspense and even horror. Mujeres Asesinas is presented as a suspense series of individual cases without following a plot, but yet a subject.

This Mexican production has been adapted successfully in other countries and brings a great star cast of renowned figures of the Mexican television and Latin America. With outstanding stage direction, Mujeres Asesinas take the viewers to the most extreme situations of violence and hatred in a spectacular reenactment of the murders actual monsters.

It features a Department of Investigation Specializing in Women that very well addresses the technical and human way of investigating each crime case with supreme accuracy by a team of expert detectives and doctors lead by Dr.Sof

Wednesday 9:30 PM et/tpt on Univision
1 Season, 100 Episodes
January 4, 2012
Cast: Rosa MarÑa Bianchi, Mauricio Castillo, Ricardo Franco, Wdeth Gabriel
Mujeres Asesinas

Mujeres Asesinas Full Episode Guide

  • Lorena is dreaming of moving to a new house and living a better life. After she becomes pregnant, her desire becomes stronger. On the contrary, her husband, a local drug dealer, wants to keep a carefree life.

  • Three women find boxes containing body parts in front of their houses. The body parts belong to a man named Manuel, who they all know. Police interrogate all three women as suspects, believing that one of them has killed Manuel.

  • Carolina points a gun with her shaking hands at her dad. Carolina's dad has sexually been abusing her. Also, her coworker, Marcelo, is fond of her but she can't allow herself to be close to him. She feels she has had enough.

  • Jose and Gabriela develop a passionate relationship. They enjoy having time together and overcoming their differences. The problem is Jose's an old married man and Gabriela is a high school student. Jose's wife and Gabriela's mother are working together.

  • Margarita works in a tiny locked up place, where the owner, Rafa, doesn't pay her for work. He also physically abuses her. Her coworker, Miguel, also wants to take advantage of her. All she wants is to talk to her son, who has just started preschool.

  • Alicia is living a tough life, with very little. Her mother talks to her about a trip to Brazil, but she refuses to help Alicia. Her mother's selfish remarks get on Alicia's nerves more and more each day.

  • Azucena weds Alberto to live as his wife until death. Azucena is still a minor and Alberto is close to her father's age. She doesn't need much time to find out that her newlywed home is a prison she can't escape from.

  • After Marcela's mother, Ana, comes back home after years of imprisonment, Marcela loses her peace of mind. Whatever Marcela does seems to piss off Ana, which reminds her of how she got a huge burn mark on her face.

  • Sofia finds her lover, Pedro, dead on their bed. When the police arrive, Sofia's daughter, Marta, tells them that it's her mother who has killed him and that she has been accusing Marta and Pedro of having an affair.

  • Thelma is getting fed up with her husband, who works all the time. She finds everything about him revolting. She is desperately seeking an exit to escape from her current life.

  • Dolores, Victoria, and their father hear strange noises every night. Dolores believes that the house is haunted by the devil. They invite a priest to pray for them, but things in the house are only getting worse.

  • Danny and Claudia have been lovers for a long time. Perla is Danny's wife, and Danny takes advantage of her in every possible way. Perla waits for him to return home every night. She feels lost.

  • Danny and Claudia have been lovers for a long time. Perla is Danny's wife, and Danny takes advantage of her in every possible way. Perla waits for him to return home every night. She feels lost.

  • Sonia tails Marcela wherever she goes. Sonia is a wife of a doctor who Marcela is having an affair with. Sonia is determined to punish Marcela for the sin she has committed.

  • Blanca fears that her husband may leave her. When he decides to work in his friend's store instead of working at home, her fear amplifies and she cracks.

  • Nora has been brutally raped and it has left a deep scar in her. Without a possibility of catching the assailant, the process of recovery is tough on her and her lover, Laura. Nora's struggle tires out Laura to bring out the worst in her.

  • Milagros is an old lady who is the leader of a big household. She does everything she can to maintain the family. Her best ability is her inability to feel empathy.

  • Camilo does card tricks on a train to seduce Rita and her daughter, Consuelo. He owes money to pay back a local drug dealer. Camilo schemes Rita into believing that he has a special healing power.

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